80 Long Distance Love Messages for Him

Long Distance Love Messages for Him

Long distance love messages for him. I wish I had you with me here. It is difficult to miss someone who is far away especially when you love him so much. Any little thing reminds you of him and of his way of making you feel. Each music on the radio is about your love and you are told of it by every character in a love story. It is impossible to put in words to wait for your true love to come back to you and the feelings that plague you every day, and it may seem that every day you are only going through the motions.

Sometimes Long distance relationships are difficult. I know because there I was. The duration and time apart will make you doubt yourself, your partner, and whether there is always your passion for each other. But don’t worry, they’re all doing it. So if you find yourself struggling against those monsters, here are some quotes from long distance relationships that will ignite your heart and mind to get through the emotional pain. Enjoy!

Here are fifty long distance love messages for him, however that will allow you to summarize how you feel and realize that everyone is missing you on the other side of the distance.

 long distance relationship quotes will melt your heart

Long distance Love messages for him

You are on my mind when I drift to sleep and when I wake up, you’re the first thought.

If we were never apart, we would never know how important our love could be.

As long as we are under the same roof, and breathe the same air, I will never give up on you.

It’s awesome that my whole day will be made up of only a few minutes of hearing from you.

When we are together, being separated has taught me to respect what we have.

Long distance Love messages for him - best love quotes

My heart has traveled a million miles just to spend time with you, even though it is difficult for the rest of me.

You’re my eternity, which makes the time apart seem short. That’s what makes it feel so long, too.

How far will travel love? I suppose we’re all going to try it.

We are closer to another day and we are better on another day.

A tear drops into the sea and that’s the day I’ll be wishing you were here until it finds you.

Long distance relationship letter for him

Distance is just a test to see if our love is ready for the ride of a lifetime.

You may not be here, but you’re in my dreams, and I just want to remain with you forever in your arms.

From the top of your head to your shortest foot, my eyes, muscles, and heart will always know where you are.

Every second of every day that you’re gone, I know that someday, it will be worth it.

Quality is higher than warmth, so our enthusiasm is greater than distance.

Long distance relationship letter for him

I missed you and in a second, in memory, I was brought back to you. I can’t wait for more to be made.

When the clock ticks, I note, before I get to share it with you, it’s just time going.

We will be united together and never completely split. Though you’re far away, in my heart, you are right here.

The fragrance of you the smile on your lips, the brush of your fingertips… every day it’s all right in my head here.

You took my heart with you when you left, but I know that someday you will both come back and I will feel whole again.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes and Love Messages

This gap is not a hindrance. It is just a reminder of how important our love can really be.

If I can’t feel the beat of your heart, then I know you are too far away.

You’re in my heart no matter where you are now, and that makes it sing.

This may not be the typical Fairy-tale too far out. I know, though, that you are my happiest ever after.

Time and distance are never going to break two hearts that are both made for each other.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes and Love Messages

I’m back, there you go. Yet today and every day, my heart and soul are with you.

Every day’s activities sound boring compared to my love’s life so far away.

I regret the slice of my heart you’ve brought with you. Are you going to return it soon?

I can’t even put into words how much you mean to me and I hope I’m opening the door to your face every day.

It’s just for you that I’m going to go through heartache. I can withstand the gap, but without you, I can’t picture my life.

Long distance love quotes for him

We may be separate, but real love is never inseparable.

I’m not just missing you. I’ll miss you!

Range means so little because you mean so much.

If I had kissed you instead of avoiding you…

I don’t like waiting, but I’ll wait forever if it means I have to wait for you.

Long distance love quotes for him

I’m proud of the people who are here today to see you.

Messages of Long Distance Affection for Him

The day the stars shine and the moon falls from the sky, I’ll give up on our relationship.

I miss your strong hands so softly touching me.

It is hard not to be with you today, but if I were without you forever, it would be worse.

Surviving long distance relationship quotes

This distance is not easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

With time, our love evolved and I believe it can even cover distances.

Truly wonderful loves are not without challenges. Every tear and the stressful moment would be worth this.

Until you are held in my arms, you are held in my heart.

Currently, I am in love with a guy living in the future.

Surviving long distance relationship quotes

Before I loved somebody nearby and it didn’t work. I wanted something new to do, so it was a joy to fall in love with you.

Miles and time zones mean nothing because I know that in my heart you’re right here.

Your voice is more soothing, even though you’re miles away than any I hear here.

Distance just splits our bodies. Our souls will never be divided by it.

I was missing you before. It was long before I knew it. And now I am once again without you, and I know that love is real.

How to save a long distance relationship

I actually imagine you by my side every night, before I go to sleep.

I revisit the memories we have already made and can not wait to make more when I miss you and can not visit you.

I’m in love with you-the Texts of long distance love for him

Crying and worrying don’t get you here but, my love, I always hold you in my heart.

It’s hard to miss you every day so it’s one day closer to seeing you again.

How to save a long distance relationship

Our bodies may be divided, but we are held bound by our affection.

Love is greater than the distance at all times.

I still miss your weirdness, even though you look really odd on a webcam.

I keep my phone next to me and I understand that you’re only a phone call away.

It’s difficult to sleep because you’re too far away, but since you’re always waiting in my dreams, I get nervous.

The distance between us made me know that you are not ever worth letting go.

Long Distance Quotes for Him

“I love hearing the sound of your voice. It is calming and comforting when there’s not much comfort in this world.”

“When I’m enjoying lunch or a movie with friends or family, I can’t stop thinking about you and hoping I get to see you soon.”

“I get so sad because I miss you, and I try to remind myself how blessed I am that you are in my life. Regardless of how many miles separate us, I’ll always love you and be there for you.”

“Thank you for the joy you give my life. You are the light in my life right now, and I can’t wait to see you and hold you every day we are together.”

“You are so brave and so strong—that is one of my favorite things about you.

“Even with many miles between us, we can still enjoy date night and spend time together.”

“I couldn’t fall asleep after I heard your voice on the phone.”

“I appreciate all of the effort and sacrifice you have put into our relationship. It has not gone unnoticed by me, and it’s made me love you even more than I already do.”

“Distance makes our emotional connection deeper and our love for each other stronger.”

“I feel as though I can say anything to you. Knowing you won’t judge my thoughts or what I choose to share, and that’s a rare quality.”

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I may have found my prince once, but I’m eagerly waiting for him to come back and save me.

I recognize that our future only awaits us to create more wonderful memories.

Our passion is almost like a fairytale. I can’t wait to be kissed by you to wake me up from this dream.

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