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100 Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts – What to Write Wedding Thank You Card Messages

Thank You Messages for Wedding Gift: Thank you for the wedding gift. A wedding is a very special day in anyone’s life. Everyone invites their close ones to make the day more memorable. Friends and family come to congratulate people on their most special day. They also give gifts and money as a token of love and blessing. Appreciating friends and family for their kindness and blessings can be so meaningful. Thank you messages for a wedding gift can remind a friend or loved one how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for being a part of their lives. Here is some good wedding gift thank you messages which will make your work easier. These beautiful thank you notes and images are funny, sweet, romantic, and inspirational. See more ideas quotes about wedding thank you cards, wedding thank you card wording, wedding thank you notes, thank you cards wedding messages.

Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts What to Write Wedding Thank You Card Messages

When writing a thank-you note for a wedding gift, it should have three simple elements: thank you, name the gift, and say something about the gift. Start with thank you notes to guests who attended your wedding and guests who could not or did not attend but who sent gifts. You can start with a simple phrase like “Thank you for being a part of our wedding day,” or “Thank you so much for the generous wedding gift.”

Thank You Messages for Wedding Gift

#1. Only the presence of you was enough to feel lucky for me. But I can never be more thankful for such a wonderful gift you gave to us. It’s just awesome!

#2. We can’t wait to use the beautiful gift you got us. Let’s have a tea party soon in our place.

#3. Thank you for sharing our special day and helping to make it more memorable! We appreciate your wonderful gift as well. Thanks for everything, dear!

#4. Your gift was so thoughtful. We appreciate your love and kindness. Thanks a lot.

#5. The gift is so thoughtful. We loved it. Thank you so much.

#6. Thank you very much for joining us on our most special day. We loved your gift so much.

#7. This gift of yours was an unexpected one. But it was an idea of yours that I just loved it.

wedding thank you card wording

wedding thank you card wording

#8. To be honest, I have no words to express my happiness. You gave me the most beautiful and most happening gift.

#9. I want to express my gratitude to you for all your efforts and for this most wonderful and amazing surprise that you gave me.

#10. I honestly did not expect you to go to such lengths for me. This surprise from you is commendable. Thanks a lot for it.

Thanks for Marriage Gift To a Friend

#12. We appreciate the money you gifted to us so much. Thank you for helping us in our journey.

#13. Thank you, dear friend, for making it to my wedding day. Beautiful memories with you and your wonderful thoughts make me feel so special. Thank you for everything.

#14. Thanks a ton for the lovely gifts. When you get married, girl, I’m going to make your wedding just as special and perfect as you made mine. Thanks for being my best friend.

#15. Our friendship means a lot to me. Thanks for always being there. I’m surprised by your beautiful gift. Thank you so much.

#16. Friend, the gift was so amazing. We loved it. Thanks a lot.

#17. Your gift was so beautiful and unique. Thank you so much, dear friend.

wedding thank you cards

wedding thank you cards

#18. To our dearest friends and family, we love you all so much and are so happy you got to be by our side as we celebrated our marriage. Your presence on our special day means so much to us!

#19. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so meaningful! It wouldn’t have been so special without you there with us!

#20. Thank you so much for making our wedding day incredible! Your presence means so much to us, and we are grateful to have you in our lives.

#21. Thank you so much for sending such a wonderful gift for my wedding. I would love it if you joined the party. But unfortunately, you couldn’t make it. This is fine. I am hoping to see you soon.

#22. Dear, thank you so much for sending such a wonderful wedding gift. Your gift was very meaningful and important to me.

#23. I loved your beautiful and meaningful gift. I am so honored and blessed that you joined my wedding celebration.

#24. Thank you so much for your beautiful wedding gift and for joining the party. I am so thankful to you and your beautiful family.

Thank You Messages For Wedding Gift Card

#26. We’re so excited to use the beautiful [dinner plates] you got us. We’re having a [dinner] party!

#27. Thank you for sharing in our joy and giving us such a beautiful and thoughtful wedding gift. We appreciate you so much!

#28. Cheers to you (and thank you, too!) for the amazing set of wine glasses. We love them!

#29. We can’t wait to use your generous gift card at our [favorite furniture store]! Our home will feel even more like home thanks to you.

wedding thank you notes

wedding thank you notes

#30. We couldn’t be more thankful for your kindness! The gift card you gave us will be put to good use!

#31. I would shout to the world what a wonderful person you are to me. You’ve never stopped showering me with beautiful gifts. Thank you for being such a giver. God bless you.

#32. I love your gift. It was just like you knew what I needed after the wedding. Thank you for love; you are such a darling.

Wedding Thank You Messages For Monetary Gift

#34. Thank you for your monetary wedding gift. We appreciate your gift-giving choice.

#35. Thank you for the beautiful wedding gifts. We were really happy to have you on our special day.

#36. Thank you so much for gifting us money. We will use it wisely. We will buy something useful for our house.

#37. Thank you for gifting us such a generous present. We can’t wait to use it for our honeymoon!

#38. Thank you for your kind generosity! Your gift will be used towards purchasing new kitchen appliances!

#39. Thank you for your financial contribution to our home renovation! It meant the world to us to have you attend our wedding!

#40. The wedding is over, but your gift reminds us of the day every day. Thank you for the present you gave us. It is truly beautiful. Be blessed.

#41. You are a blessing to me and my husband and we knew we struck gold when we had you as a friend. Thank you for the wedding gift, it is amazing!

Wedding Thank You Card Message for Money

#43. We are so grateful for the cash you offered as a wedding gift. We were saving up for a down payment on a house, and this will help us a lot. Thank you so much.

#44. Your presence itself was the biggest gift to me, but your thoughtful monetary wedding gift was so special. It will help us in many ways.

#45. Thank you so much for your monetary wedding gift. You don’t know how much it will help us on our honeymoon trip.

what to write in a thank you card wedding

what to write in a thank you card wedding

#46. If you ask me, then I would tell you that the surprise that you gave me on my wedding day was so amazing that it took my happiness to the next level. Thank you so much for such a beautiful and pleasing surprise gift.

#47. It is the best surprise gift that I have ever received in my life, and the credit for this one goes only and exclusively to you.

#48. Now I am feeling myself to be short of words for the expression of my gratitude and happiness for the surprise that you gave me on the very day of my wedding.

#49. Life is so much more beautiful with people like you around. You never seem to stop putting a smile on my face. Thank you! For the wonderful gift. Your gift shall be treasured forever.

#50. I promise that someday I will give you a gift as precious as you gave us on our wedding day. I am forever indebted to you. Thank you so much.

Thank you notes to coworkers for wedding gifts

#52. Your gift was so thoughtful. I am really happy to receive it. Thank you, dear work partner.

#53. It was sad that you couldn’t make it to our wedding, but thank you for sending us a cheque by mail. We will use it wisely.

#54. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. The couch you gifted me is so comfortable. We loved it so much.

#55. It was a nice meeting with your family. I was happy to have you on my wedding day. Thank you so much for the beautiful gift.

#56. You have given us something to be grateful for. Your gift does wonders and we appreciate it fully. Be blessed!

#57. Thank you for being a part of our wedding. The gift you gave us was appreciated. Thank you for putting thought into it.

Thank You Messages To Boss for Wedding Gift

#59. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. The amount you gave us was very generous. It was so nice of you that you came so far just to attend my wedding. Thank you so much, boss.

#60. Dear sir, It was kind of you to bring such a beautiful gift for me. Thank you so much.

#61. Dear boss, Thank you so much for coming to my wedding ceremony. I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful gift.

thank you cards wedding messages

thank you cards wedding messages

#62. Dear boss, thank you so much for attending my wedding party and bringing a wonderful gift. I appreciate your contribution to our wedding. It could not be that successful without your cooperation.

#63. I am thankful to you for attending my wedding day. You have brought the most wonderful wedding gift on that day. We are thankful to you for your presence on our special day.

#64. We are very happy to have you at the wedding. It was such a wonderful moment for the entire celebration. Your gift is very beautiful and meaningful to me. Every time we use that, we will miss you and think of you.

#65. We are overjoyed and grateful to have made it on our wedding day. Your love and presence on our wedding day have made this event a very special one. Thank you for your time as well as your generous gift.

#66. A wedding is the commencement of a new life with a lifetime companion. This beautiful occasion is made even more memorable with celebrations amidst family and friends.

#67. When you receive gifts, cash, or gift certificates, remember to thank each guest personally as their blessings make the occasion even more special. Read on to find the perfect thank you messages and notes for wedding gifts!

#68. Thank you for making it to our wedding. The wedding gifts were simply wonderful.

Funny Wedding Gift Messages

#70. Do you know what the problem with your gift is? It is so beautiful that it makes all the other gifts look dull and uninteresting. Thanks.

#71. Even Google couldn’t have searched for a better gift for me. Thanks!

#72. If your wedding gift was a Facebook page, it would get millions of likes, hundreds and thousands of shares, and an endless list of fans. Thanks for such an awesome gift.

#73. Instagram might crash if I upload a picture of the beautiful gift you gave me. Thanks.

#74. A million thanks for celebrating our wedding day with us. Thank you for witnessing our vows and being a part of our special day. Your presence is the most beautiful gift for us! Thank you!

#75. Thank you! My husband and I are really happy to see your presence on our wedding day. You are one of our best guests. Thank you!

#76. Our wedding day will not be that successful and complete without your support, love, and presence. Allow us to thank you guys as well as your whole family for being a part of our big event. Thank you!

Wedding Thank You Note

#78. We greatly appreciate the time you spent with us and made our wedding ceremony more memorable! Thank you for your gorgeous wedding gift, and thanks for coming, dear!

#79. The wedding present you gave me is not just going to be a permanent fixture in my home, but also a permanent fixture in my heart. I loved it, thank you.

#80. Whenever I look at your gift lying in the living room, I will always be reminded of the beautiful memories of my wedding. Thanks for giving me such a thoughtful gift.

thank you wedding

thank you wedding

#81. Do you know what cheap, frugal, inexpensive, and thrifty have in common? All these words are exactly the opposite of how I would describe the wedding gift you gave us. Thanks.

#82. Without your smile, our wedding photos are incomplete. And without your gift, our received gift items would have been incomplete! God bless you all!

#83. The wedding might be over, but for us, the party continues because we’re opening your lovely gifts! Thanks for the beautiful wedding gift.

#84. Your wedding gift was fantastic and something that I have always wanted – just like how you have been a fantastic friend to me all my life. Thanks.

#85. Bridal registries would never exist if all friends and family members were as considerate and thoughtful as you. Thanks for a lovely wedding gift.

#86. Your wedding gift confirms what I always believed about you all these years – that you are the most creative person in the whole world. Thanks for your beautiful gift.

#87. Your beautiful smile added happiness to our wedding photos and your beautiful gift added happiness to our married lives. Thanks for such a beautiful wedding present.

#88. Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, or weddings I have officially hired you as my gifting consultant. Thanks for such an awesome present.

#89. Only a creative person can give such a creative gift at a wedding. You have made the event more special with this gift of yours. I love you always!

#90. Our wedding celebration lasted just for a day, but your gift will be a lifelong reminder of how it was graced by lovely friends like you.

#91. As we both are coffee lovers, gifting us something related to this was a great idea. Thanks for your kindness.

#92. Dear, Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. We love your gorgeous wedding gift. The blown-glass vase with beautiful white-and-green swirls is truly stunning. I have already selected a very special place for it in our living room. Whenever we look at it, we will think fondly of each of you here.

#93. Dear, Thank you so much for your incredibly generous gift. We are over the moon with appreciation! We have been saving for a down payment on our first home and your thoughtful gift has put us even closer to our goal. Thank you again for your kindness, and for sharing the joy and celebration of

#94. Dear, Thank you so much for your card and wedding gift. We have been saving to buy a home, so we plan to add this generous cash gift to our savings account for that purpose. We’d like you to know that your wonderful gift has now brought us even closer to our goal! Thank you.

#95. Dear, Thank you so much for your generosity. We have been saving up to purchase a new BBQ that we can enjoy during the warm summer months, and now with your gift, we will finally be able to purchase it. I hope you will plan to visit us soon, as we look forward to.