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115 How To Give Retirement Wishes For Coworker and Colleague

Having someone like you as a coworker has been no less than a gift. Wishing you a wonderful retired life ahead! You will be missed but never forgotten. I am happy about your retirement. Working with you has been a tremendous learning experience, and I feel fortunate to have a helpful colleague like you. Make sure to mention how they have made your workplace happier with their presence and wish them nothing but good for their future. Never forget to say that you will miss them. Send them emotional, funny, or just casual retirement wishes to make their day more memorable.

Happy Retirement Wishes For Coworker and Colleague

1. Wishing you a happy retirement – don’t be a stranger!

2. I remember when you taught me how to navigate our company’s database during my first week on the job. I learned more in my conversations with you than all the training materials combined. Your wealth of knowledge will truly be missed around here.

3. Even though you took retirement from work, you will always remain in our hearts. We will miss you so much. Enjoy this precious time of life.

4. Retirement isn’t really all as great as it sounds. No pressure from the boss, zero deadlines, no company meetings to enjoy—how will you manage?

5. Retirement is the reward you get for putting up with coworkers like me for this long! Best of luck on your extended vacation!

6. Often, when you think something is over and finished, something greater is just getting started. I’m happy about your retirement!

7. You embody hard work and optimism. Thank you for bringing such joy to the office. We will miss you!

8. To one of the best people around the office, congratulations on your retirement!

9. What will I do without you in the office every day? No really, help me figure it out.

10. You truly are an icon. Watching you manage your staff, deal with the boss’s directives, and manage your clientele was a pleasure. May this exciting new chapter of your life be filled with the best that life has to offer!

Happy Retirement Wishes, Messages, & Quotes

11. Thank you for being a mentor, friend, and one of the hardest workers I know. Enjoy retirement!

12. As you head into this next adventure, don’t forget all the fond memories you built with our team. Congratulations! Happy retirement!

13. Congratulations! Wishing you the best of retirement filled with fun and happiness.

14. Happy retirement. You now hate loud music and your back hurts constantly – enjoy!

15. I may seem happy to release you, but deep down in my heart, I wish you could stay longer. Enjoy your deserved retirement.

16. “Congratulations! Your years of hard work have paid off, and I’m so excited for this next part of your life. Have fun enjoying everything you may not have had time for when you were working 9-5. Happy retirement and best wishes!”

17. You now have a good reason to blow all of your life’s savings!

18. Wow, I can’t believe you’re retiring! Let’s celebrate and plan all the trips we haven’t gone on yet!

19. I want to wish you heartfelt congratulations on all the hard work to put in leading up to this retirement. You deserve it! Happy retirement.

20. I could have sworn you stopped working years ago! Ah, well, enjoy your official retirement now!

Best Retirement Wishes & Messages For The Perfect Farewell Messages

21. Enjoy your retirement with friends and family, but look back fondly on all your times here.

22. Cheers to one of the best workers in this office. Best wishes for your future. The way you worked all these years passionately, now enjoy your freedom passionately. Happy retirement!

23. Congratulations on stepping onto a new chapter of life. Happy retirement.

24. Now it’s time for you to learn how to make your coffee! Congratulations on your retirement!

25. Retirement is an everlasting vacation, so enjoy it! Congrats!

26. Can you say senior discount? Enjoy all the benefits of retirement!

27. Best wishes to you during retirement, and best of luck to your wife who now has to spend way more time with you.

28. Though we’ll miss having you on the team, we’re so happy for you as you enter this new chapter.

29. Appeal to their sense of humor with these funny retirement wishes and card sentiments. Celebrate their retirement and send them on their way with a laugh.

30. You’re finally retiring! Enjoy this break from all the hard work you’ve put in throughout the years.

31. No one else can fulfill your deficiency, what you have given to that company is unique. Have a great retirement!

32. You welcomed me with a smile when I first entered this office. Since then, you have been my cheering squad, mentor, and friend. Thank you for all the encouragement and support. As you retire today, I wish you the very best. You will always be welcome in my life. Have a joyous retirement.

33. Put on your dancing shoes now that you’ve made your mark and paid your dues! It’s time to party for retirement!

34. You are one of the best colleagues I have worked with. How I wish I could still hold on to you. Happy retirement.

35. You’ll be sorely missed around the office… not by me, but I’m sure someone will miss you.

36. I sincerely hope you enjoy writing your upcoming chapter! Do not, however, make it dull for the readers! Enjoy your retirement!

37. Retirement is a time of self-reflection. As you begin yours, I hope you realize how much of a blessing you have been to me. Happy relaxation, Sir.

38. Wishing you a long, happy, and healthy retirement, my dear colleague. Observing how you work and getting real-time job experience from you has been a delightful aspect of my career. Your legend shall live on.

39. Now you have all the time to catch up on sleep, hobbies, and vacations. Enjoy every part of your new life.

40. “So happy that you’re going to retire grandma! I cannot wait to see you more and to be able to spend more time with you. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve to relax and retire.“

41. Having a boss like you at work has been a blessing. Thank you for the bright light on gloomy days. Your advice, support, and cheerfulness will be missed.

42. You made it! Congratulations on your retirement – we’ll miss you around the office.

43. You have been the wisest and most intelligent senior we have ever had. We have a lot of respect for you. Congratulations on your retirement. We wish you a joyful and healthy retirement.

44. I hope that this retirement gives you a better chance to bond with friends and family. Just don’t forget that we are friends that became family. Happy retirement!

45. We’re truly going to miss you. Best wishes to you as you enter retirement! Feel free to call or visit when you get bored with retirement life!

46. “A retired husband is often a wife’s full-time job.” – Ella Harris

47. It’s hard to believe the time has come to say goodbye. You’re one of a kind, and we’re going to have a hard time replacing you! Thank you for all you’ve contributed over the years – we’ll miss your dedication and enthusiasm. We wish you a long, happy retirement. Don’t be a stranger.

48. I find it hard to accept that your retirement is already upon us. You will always be remembered for your dedication, optimism, and sincere effort at the office. Make sure to make the most of this moment.

49. I hope your retirement is full of rest.

50. People who call sloths the laziest animals surely have never met you. You were born to retire, buddy.

51. Your hard work, dedication, and achievements may never be matched. Thank you for everything you have contributed to this company.

52. Long sleep, walks in the fresh air, work in the garden and many such things are waiting for you. I know that your retirement will be full of enthusiasm.

53. Having you as a coworker has been no less than a gift. Your influence around the office will be deeply missed and never forgotten.

54. It was such a pleasure having you as a boss. Enjoy some extra free time in retirement!

55. “A thriving new beginning can be and should be a time for amazing engagement, growth, connections, contributions, and amazing possibilities.” – Lee M. Brower

56. It is not every day that you get a boss who is also a great support. Thank you for the constant advice, discipline, and motivation which has helped me progress in my career. As you retire to be with the folks you love, I hope you experience a similar support system. Happy retirement.

57. You’ve accomplished so much in this company, and we truly appreciate your effort and dedication. I wish you all the best in your retirement.

58. Working with someone so enthusiastic has been an honor. Even though I’ve only known you for a short while, it’s clear that your enthusiasm has benefited our company.

59. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and other coworkers over the years. I hope you have a joyous retirement!

60. You can finally relax now that you’re retired.

61. You have been such an inspiration to look up to and made the whole workplace experience happier than ever. Hope you keep on being this awesome.

62. “Congratulations on retiring! So glad you’ll be able to spend more time with your family, and friends, and enjoy your favorite hobbies. I can still recall the time you lobbied the company for a new coffee machine and once-a-week lunch delivery, and you managed to make it happen! Now thanks to you, every day I’m able to get my day going with a good cup of coffee, and I always have free Friday lunch in the office to look forward to. Thanks for everything you did for the team over the years. It’s been an honor and privilege to work with you.”

63. You have made every day at the workplace funnier and easier. Thanks for being such a great shoulder to lean on. May God bless you for your good deeds. Enjoy your retirement.

64. I hope you get to experience all the adventures you want after retirement and enjoy every bit of your life.

65. Cheers to your retirement as a person who gave their all! May this be the best and most rewarding year of your life? Enjoy!

66. You had made the office more remarkable by your presence. I will genuinely miss you and your jokes. Enjoy your upcoming days and have fun.

67. Retirement is the only real excuse you’ll ever have to spend your entire life’s savings. Have fun!

68. Can you say senior discount? Enjoy all the benefits of retirement!

69. “Congratulations, Jane! You’ve had a great career and I’m so glad you’ll have more time to spend with yourself, with your family, and with friends like me!”

70. I have seen you rise through the career ranks, and I think this is the best promotion ever! Congratulations to the newest retiree in town.

71. I was blessed to have a senior like you. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and opinions with us. It will help us in the future. Congratulations on your retirement, now enjoy your life.

72. May the next chapter be as amazing as the last… happy retirement!

73. We’re going to miss having you around, [boss/manager/supervisor]! After all, who will we annoy now that you’re gone?

74. “We hope you have a long and happy retirement – enjoy all your travel and time with the grandkids!”

75. The office won’t be the same without you, but you deserve all the happiness and relaxation during retirement.

76. Happy Retired Life! It’s time to enjoy life while lounging in your comfy bed and recliner. Embrace the chance to spend quality time with your family.

77. Sadly, we are partially parting ways, but I trust that your guidance is sufficient to keep me going. Enjoy your retirement, Ma’am.

78. The lessons you taught us will always be cherished. Have a great retirement, boss!

79. Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement! Your contributions to the company have been immeasurable. You are one of the pillars of this company’s success! Congratulations!

80. “Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway.” –Unknown

81. Thanks so much for your support through the years. Enjoy retirement!

82. Keep enjoying the things you have always wanted to do but couldn’t. May the Almighty bless you and keep you in good health.

83. You have made every day at the workplace funnier and easier. Thanks for being such a great shoulder to lean on. May God bless you for your good deeds. Enjoy your retirement.

84. Don’t retire with regrets about what you couldn’t do. Retire with ambitions of what you will do now. Congratulations.

85. It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.” – Ernie Harwell

86. Retirement means no job, no stress, and no pay! Congratulations!

87. Whatever comes next for you, may it bring you the same joy and fulfillment as you brought us!

88. Congratulations on your retirement, we’re all so proud of how hard you’ve worked. Here’s to enjoying the hard-won fruits of your labor!

89. I’ll always remember all the trips to the local coffee shop and conversations around the break room – best wishes as you start this new chapter.

90. Thanks for making our work life much easier and more fun. Now you can spend some time with your family and best friends. May you get the best of everything in life.

91. Sending good thoughts your way as you retire today.

92. Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague and friend. Though I’m losing you as a coworker, I’m grateful you’ll still be my friend. Happy retirement!

93. We appreciate your hard work through the years and hope you’re proud of all your accomplishments.

94. We hope you enjoy your future with lots of time to enjoy your hobbies, friends, and family as much as we’ve enjoyed having you! Cheers to your retirement.

95. Happy retirement wishes to you and your family! I hope you enjoy this time to the fullest.

96. Wish your coworker the very best for their retirement and the next chapter of life with one of these retirement sentiments. Use these retirement wishes as a starting point to personalize your retirement message. Let them know something specific that you’re grateful for, or acknowledge a particular work achievement.

97. You’re retiring! I may be jealous, but mostly just happy for you. Congrats!

98. Make sure you work just as hard at enjoying your retirement as you have in your career! Congratulations, and we hope you have a very happy retirement!

99. Happy retirement sentiments to you and your loved ones. Enjoy this newfound freedom.

100. Congrats, you’re now your boss!

101. I had such a great time camping with you all these years and I’m sad to lose my outdoors buddy around the office. Enjoy all the s’mores you can now that you’re retired!

102. Have you prepared a new list of works? You will have a lot of free time. Be ready for everything!

103. New time, new challenges, new you. Happy retirement. Wishing you strong health and lots of joyful moments every day!

104. Happy retirement to the best boss around! Wishing you all the free time and happiness in the world.

105. You always bring out the best in others! Thank you for being an inspiring senior. Farewell to you.

106. Wishing you the happiest retirement – now try not to go out and spend your entire life’s savings on golf right away.

107. You are such a gem! I will be forever grateful for the great work relationship I have had with you. You have challenged me and helped me to grow professionally. I just didn’t realize that so much time had passed and that you will soon leave. I hope you enjoy this much-deserved rest.

108. It was a real pleasure to work with you. I’ve always admired your skillful ways of overcoming any challenge, big or small.

109. Retirement is the biggest blessing. You will finally have time to sleep all day long and do nothing 24/7, eating pizza during your breaks. Just like you’ve always wanted. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Happy retirement!

110. I hate to see you go, but I hope we can keep in touch. Although you’ll probably catch a bigger fish than me next time we go out, with all that practice you’re about to get!

111. Welcome to the old man club. It’s time to gossip about joint pain, high bp, sugar level, Et cetera Et cetera.

112. Retirement – it’s doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it! Congratulations, and enjoy your newfound freedom!

113. Most people spend their whole lives planning their retirement, but they don’t know what to do when they retire. Don’t let this happen to you.

114. Welcome to retirement life, where you set the alarm to schedule sleep, and your work is to rest.

On this page, you’ll find an extensive range of wishes and sentiments you can use to write the perfect retirement message for the lucky retiree. There are also inspiring and funny retirement quotes you can add to your card message. Plus, writing tips to help you compose the perfect personalized retirement congratulations!

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