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120 True Love Quotes and Messages | I Love You

True love quotes and love text messages.

True Love Quotes and Messages I Love you Text

True Love Quotes and Messages: A lovely series of true love quotes that I want to share with my lover. I was getting close to being able to describe true unconditional love in the power of words.

True Love Quotes and Messages

#1. True love reveals us to others and recognizes our mutually-recognized values. True love cannot be offered by someone. It must be acknowledged, welcomed, and taken advantage of.”

#2. Love is only concerned with feeling the love. It is the same as the other forms of preparation. I indeed assume true love is the everlasting flame that inevitably attracts all moths to its glory.”

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#3. True love is like riding a unicorn, a magical and mysterious experience. You must leave yourself open to the prospect of the experience of a lifetime. When one truly finds his or her true love, there is little else that might divide them.”

#4. True love can survive anything that might want to kill it, except for those on the inside. True love is the kind of light that can illuminate the deepest of hearts and situate the heaviest of souls.”

#5. If you want to love really, you must put that first. True love, in my view, is above all, a gift to oneself; whether tentatively, figuratively, or unconditionally.”

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#6. True love doesn’t wish to injure or confine a human. Its purpose is to dissolve you into your heart. Deep, powerful affection is, yes, the bear hug. You didn’t order this stuff to be in your face, but it is out there ready to wrestle and add it to you.”

#7. True love cannot be found, the real love will find you regardless of where you hide. True love has many forms, and in reality, “a lover takes many shapes”. The term “esoteric” is just that – pure.”

#8. And if it is a great thing to be loved, it is slightly less wonderful to love. Our version of true love is genuine, and its imitators can be swayed or distorted.”

#9. You cannot doubt your true love. The most you can aim for is to have a degree of influence over how it manifests in your life. True love is something that cannot be created or lost. Social behavior is preserved and forever associated.”

#10. If you are in love or not, whether you are in too deep, you’re not in too deep enough. The time eventually moves, when my wife and I are together. Apart, each day drags like one.”

Timeless Quotes About True And Real Love

#11. Love is not the only one that links all in the circle of its grasp, but also forms a connection that ties them all. True love is not constrained by race, sexual orientation, gender, or animals. Its influence can be sensed by those who love it or those who are loved by it.”

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#12. If you are one of those who derive humor and stupidity from romantic love, then you will undoubtedly suffer because of this at some stage in your life. Love should not come from thought, consultation, or deliberation. It is intended to be true and genuine and not being any sort of pledge or assurance.”

#13. True love makes that which some cannot see, yet they cannot know what they do not see. What is passion, if not the stuff of human longing and self-acceptance?”

#14. When love is real, two people become a single being. At this stage, it is ready for the deepest and most intimate truths of life. When true love is around, it will fuse two beings into one single energy – true love quotes.”

#15. If it is the person, the other that is most important to love, so love is more concerned about their well being, not with oneself. If you love someone or something so much, then you have found the true, utter, and ultimate consistency of who or what you love.”

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#16. Love is taking the initiative to share without wanting anything in return. Whether anything is done solely out of compassion, so something done in those feelings transcends good and bad and right and wrong.”

#17. Love is not the only one that links all in the circle of its grasp, but also forms a connection that ties them all. And that is why you believe you should handle the situation. Think again, for true love was not intended to be carried around by your will.”

#18. If true love is not the thing on which the universe spins, then it definitely makes a major and meaningful difference to the lives of people on Earth. True love remains in both situations. An imitation cannot be concealed or imitated. This is exactly as it is.”

Inspirational Quotes About True Love

#19. True love quotes say that the everlasting flame that moths live in is one of the most exquisite sights True love is the highest manifestation of life itself, affecting all facets of nature.”

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#20. And then there was passion, and it changed a mind, a heart, and a spirit. Time and time again, real love transforms one’s minds and hearts.”

#21. Nothing can be accomplished without love; nothing can be completed without it. True love is like a criminal who harbors no fugitives and takes no prisoners; and even if all initially are subdued, all eventually surrender.”

#22. The lover is the one who bestows, the one who gives. The Beloved is the recipient of affection. Lovers are all called to pray the whole time. When it comes to playing the part of the captain of the ship, it is the woman who is the least powerful of the party.”

#23. True romantic love can only be witnessed to the fullest, taking all those involved to a fully sated and drained state. Love doesn’t need the idea of “being loved” to exist. Chaos is ever-present. It goes everywhere it can wherever it goes and touches whomever it touches without respect to will or intent.”

#24. There is not a monopoly on love among humans. Both living organisms obtain knowledge on how to mature. Seeking your “True Love” is merely submitting yourself to a fundamental reality that is capable of neither being clarified nor refuted.”

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#25. Being touched by true love is to interact with something greater than you and those like you in the world. Nothing can be separate from our devotion. we are just one. Losing one will be a form of losing the other.”

#26. True love that rains like the mist, slowly dropping, then at some point it overpowers. Love helps one to forgive mistakes and reflects on love. Its wings stretch out, breaking its body out of its mind’s restraints.”

#27. True love doesn’t ask much for itself, it needs all for itself. If true love may be just out of your control, the feeling would be inspiring, however traumatic. Anywhere to the right is actual, utter reality.”

Love Quotes

  • “Always be the first person to love yourself.”
  • “I love myself I am beautiful I am healthy I am wealthy I am confident I am strong I am protected I am wanted I am successful I am worthy I am free I am independent I am loved.”
  • “Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. – Pema Chodron”
  • “Black love is black wealth.”
  • “I love you,” means I’m not just here for the pretty parts. I’m here no matter what.”
  • “Together is a wonderful place to be.”

True Love: What Love Is and What It Is Not

  • If by your own nature, you learn to be caring, not because of someone else or anything else, if you… Just become loving, not love someone, so the essence of love will be revealed to you.
  • It’s a fickle thing if you love someone because no human being is going to happen 100 percent the way you expect them. Every human being on this planet, trust me, is about to disappoint you.
  • It’s not like they’re trying to do something wrong, because no one can meet the unreasonable hopes you have for them.
  • It’s just not true. Have you been able to meet the needs of everybody, I’m asking you, completely? Partly… partially… But never completely, isn’t that right? So no one else is going to be able to do that unless you’re still such a hopeless romantic, you’re still looking for somewhere to come from the dream guy.
  • No! No! No! Believe me, whoever comes, I want you to know the perfect people you worship, what his wives complained about when Krishna was there.
  • If it’s passion, or these roses, or the progress of your life… Well, everything. It really doesn’t happen that you have to establish the requisite conditions to make it happen or it won’t happen, doesn’t it? Is this not the case? It’s just not going to happen.
  • It is going to happen if you build the requisite conditions. You can’t do it, you can’t do passion, you can’t do it, however, you can do it. That’s why someone gets you in, isn’t it? To make it work. Yes or No? Yes or No? If you can’t make it happen, you will have to close your house and wait for someone to come and fall in love with me someday.
  • You don’t want it to happen if you want to make that happen.
  • To make that possible, you dress in a certain manner of saying, you strive to be nice to people in a certain way and… Trying to make this work, isn’t that the case? Aren’t they so? So you want flowers in your house to bloom or you plant the ground, you put the seed, you put the water main and you just keep all the conditions and wait for it to happen.
  • It’s not that letting it possible means that you go there and open the buds and try to turn them into roses. It’s going to fall apart now. You encourage it to happen by creating those circumstances, but it would not happen if you do not create certain situations.
  • Is it this way? If you do not create the appropriate circumstances, the flowers in your house will not only exist if you create the situations that will occur.
  • So, until you establish the requisite circumstances, it will not happen, whether it be passion or flowers in your garden or achievement in your life or enlightenment. So, whatever we do is not to make the flower, but to establish the conditions for flowers to occur.
  • So whether it’s flowers in your yard, or whether it’s flowers inside you. You’ve got to establish the situation. But all we’re trying to do is that yesterday we were nurturing your brains. We have begun nurturing the body a little bit.
  • We will nurture your energy and your feelings. Flowers will flower if any of these four elements are correctly grown. It can’t blast because you don’t nurture it.
  • So, with every aspect of life, that’s how life is. You have to realize that a human being yearns to be anything better than they are right now. If a simple essential physical expression is contained in this, we call this sexuality. Sexuality suggests that you are only mentally attempting to make someone that is not you, a part of yourself.
  • You could be effective for a few moments. It gets branded as vanity, domination, or maybe actually shopping if you attempt this psychologically. Some people go with swords and weapons for conquest, some people go with checkbooks and currency, you know, credit cards.
  • The thing is that you want to incorporate someone that is not a part of you, as the whole endeavor is yourself. If you want money or riches or want a country to be invaded, what is that? You want to make it yours, that which is not you.
  • Yours is an initiative to make it a part of yourself. When it happens physically, if you attempt this at the interpersonal stage, we call this a love affair. You are trying to make someone who is not a part of you, physically, a part of yourself… Yeah, that’s a love affair.
  • When you do it knowingly, that’s what we call yoga. Yoga means syndication. So, all these attempts are all right, it has its own charm, but there are its own limits. When you know the drawbacks of all the other strategies, nothing right or bad with them, it’s just that it’s going to work temporarily, it’s not going to work indefinitely.
  • You are deliberately seeking to include that as you know that. If you deliberately become an egalitarian operation, if you sit here, if you feel something like yourself, then we’re saying that you’re a yogi, all right? So, well, this is a love affair, a triumph.
  • See because you’re looking at something of love that falls to you or you surrender to the love process, either because you admire a certain attribute of a form of someone’s nose or the shape of their mind or their thoughts or their emotion or the way they communicate or the way they do things or the way they appeal to you, okay? There are also different things. It’s based on something that you believe is appropriate.
  • Love crumbles as they do something that is not acceptable to you. Now what I’m saying is, I want you to look at this, whether love is happening to you or hatred is happening to you, rage is happening to you, sorrow is happening to you, pleasure is happening to you, it’s just happening inside you, isn’t it? Never. Never. People are thinking there’s love in the breeze, no.
  • Since your feelings make you feel very good, the air unexpectedly feels vibrant. It’s always been, it’s been you missed all your life, now that you’re starting to feel it.
  • So, whatever the perception of humanity… Love or hatred, whatever, whatever happens just inside of you. What I’m suggesting is that at least what happens within you must happen by your decision, you must be able to let it happen consciously. If you can, if your experience of what is going on inside you is going to happen by will, what is the problem? It just exists inside of you.
  • Love is a friendship that is not. A friendship is something different. Joy is the sweetness of the emotions. Why can’t you look at it lovingly, whether you’re looking at a tree or a dog or a man or a woman or a boy, or just looking at the sky? It is about the sweetness of the feelings, and it is not about enjoying the sky.
  • If your feelings are sweet, whoever you look at, in a certain way, you’ll look at them.
  • You have nasty feelings right now, no matter what you look at, you’re looking at things in a different direction. So, love for somebody has always been synonymous with you. No, no, no, no, this isn’t just loved by others. It’s not what you’re doing, it’s something you might become.
  • If you are eager, you can become love, you can make a very sweet room for your feelings. If you make your body pleasant, it’s going to be a joy. When you sit down here, it can be a real joy just to sit down and relax.
  • That’s what we’re teaching people to do, once you lie back… I’m going to show you millions of people, if they shut their eyes, tears of ecstasy are only going to drip, nothing is just shutting the eyes. They are delighted, bursting every cell in their bodies that it has been too fun for the body.
  • If it becomes fun to your soul, we say this is a pleasure. We mean that this is love if the feelings become friendly. If the energies of the very being are good, we are saying this blissfulness, this is ecstasy. If the world becomes friendly, that is what we call performance.
  • Now that you’re naming somebody your performance as passion, that’s a mistake. You have a success story with somebody, that is, in the environment between you, you have generated pleasantness and let’s say five-ten people around you.
  • You call that love; no, it is truly an achievement, and it takes a lot of leadership. Yet there is no leadership for you to be lovable. If all you have to do is make your emotions sweet, your emotions are sweet, and it’s gorgeous to be… be like that.
  • This is not for everyone. If someone is going, we should share it. If no one comes, you’re transiting with your eyes closed and still being loving, what’s the trouble with that? It’s not anything for anyone, it’s not an action. It’s not what you’re doing, it’s something you might become.
  • There is no force like this, which is passion. Existence is an energy of some kind. You are the energy of a certain lifespan. There are a lot of pieces of the… As thinking, this life force seeks manifestation as organism, bodily activity, feeling, and there are other aspects of energy action, of course.
  • If you can only carry out physical exercise throughout your life, the length and nature of that activity are very limited. Because you empower the physical activity with your mental activity, based on the mental activity’s keenness and strength, the physical activity takes on a new type of activity… as if, because of the mental activity, it goes through a different realm. If you’re making a video, if it’s all physical, then there’s one way.
  • There is a certain intelligence involved in it, another way of saying it. There’s a certain feeling involved, it’s a different way. Aren’t they so? So, it is also so for creation. So, there are distinct pressure levels.
  • There is physical strength at one level. Another level of intensity is the psychological level. A particular level of intensity is feeling. People usually look down on empathy as anything other than wisdom, which is a really wrong thing they’re doing, which I hope people are increasingly recognizing they’re now talking about emotional intelligence.
  • Since, in many respects, desire is capable of being higher in strength than intelligence. Intellect has a certain coolness, the intellect has a certain penetration, but it can only be accepted by passion. The mind can grasp bits of life.
  • Emotions can grasp the fullness of life. So, this is why spiritual practices having always made dedication the best thing, because to an intellectual man, a devotee looks like a fool. But in terms of life experience, what a devotee knows, and what he knows in terms of the understanding of life in its entirety, an intelligent person can never approach it.
  • Therefore, a devotee acts like a fool, but the true fool is somewhere else. So, right now, as people are around me, what’s going here is neither intelligence, nor feeling, nor body. There is another dimension which is… which is only pure energy reverberation.
  • Some people will roll their eyeballs upward and just sit there if I reverberate in a certain direction, some people will weep, some people will chuckle, some people feel like they have realized so many things, being in that room there.
  • This is the expression of it by them. This is like if I supply you with an electrical connection, someone makes light out of it, someone makes sound out of it, someone makes coolness out of it, someone makes heat out of it.
  • Different gadgets use the same electricity to create different items.
  • My thing, then, is to just exude the drive. Someone makes love out of it, somebody makes alertness out of it, someone makes mindfulness out of it, someone makes meditative out of it, depending on his stage of development and his receptivity as to how he is left to that person.
  • So, am I generating the energy for love? There is no such thing as love energy, there is just the energy of creation! There is just life energy. You may… love is just one of life’s expressions. Another expression in creation is the intellect. Physical movement, another expression of life.
  • Knowledge, a different expression of life. Therefore, life will find millions of ways of speech, however… It is a big mistake for individuals to eulogize each other; both of them are needed. Love is going to be terribly burdensome without the requisite knowledge and balance, isn’t it? So, what you mean by love is fundamental… literally, the sweetness of the feelings.
  • You lie here and you can feel love……you can feel love for someone who isn’t really here. So, it does not have anything to do with anyone. When a human being becomes more and more conscious of his own essence, he realizes that you do not really need others to feel intimacy, to experience bliss, to experience ecstasy, even to experience orgasmic forms of life.
  • You can make things happen inside yourself if you just stay here, because, after all, it’s your body, it’s your spirit, it’s your feeling, it’s your chemistry, and you’re the one that produces all of your life’s interactions. Since people are not sure of this, that you are the founder of your life, that you are the one who makes your life the way you want it.
  • Some people also claim that the persons and events surrounding them influence their perceptions. It is not valid, though. Human interactions, one hundred percent, one hundred percent, are self-created.
  • My entire life has been dedicated to every human being on this planet, to every organism on this planet. So, devotion is nothing more than a deeper love affair. When I tell a deeper love affair, in general, at least these days, people consider a love affair as some sort of give-and-take trade.
  • Devotion is a deeper love affair with just giving fully. If you take it or not, it just doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t happen in your head. So, for me, my love affair is everything that I’ve set my eyes on, whether it’s a man, a woman, a boy, animate, inanimate, no matter what.
  • Whatever I put my eyes upon, with that, I am in a deep embrace. So, I don’t even have to look at a human being for me to come to tears. If I look at a cloud, I will fall into tears. If I look at a tree, I will fall into tears. I would come to tears if I shut my eyes.
  • Tears, then, are not really about passion. If you were to tell me that I was in love with women, I wouldn’t feel like that was a wonderful idea. I fear you’re chopping the entire thing down.
  • I am not in lust, because love is a type of sale. This is a definite level of inclusiveness. In reality, there is no one else on this planet in my knowledge, no one else in this life, it’s just me.
  • I don’t see myself in my experience (Laughs) and I see someone else, I never see myself. So, this is not even passion, this is not even loved, this is just inclusion.

And this is not my ideology, this is not my philosophy, this is the way of life. If you do not constipate your consciousness with… by being associated with restricted things such as your own body, your own mind, your own society, your own religion, your own family, your own whatever, if you, for that matter, your own race, if you do not constipate your consciousness with that kind of constraints, the life is all-inclusive. Ok, today, science will prove it to you. And isn’t it?

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