105 Sad Love Status For Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter

Sad Love Status for understanding that love could be really painful, too. Sometimes it can hurt you, and sometimes it will make you laugh, but it will always be part of you. Whether you like it or not. There is no such thing as happy love. It always comes with sadness. So you have to be patient and strong because love will try to tear you apart. And it will… It is hard to understand that someone went past you, but eventually, you will realize that they all go and leave you when you need them the most.

Sad Love Status For Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter

Sad Love Status

1. It’s nice to know that we used to have everything.

2. There is a fine line between laughter and pain, and comedy and tragedy.

3. When you do not feel alive, always remember one who is dying, and he wants to live.

4. There is a difference between what you hold dear and who you live for and if you want to believe someone you have to take a chance. I’ve lost.

5. Life can give you wings, but it can also cut them.

6. My heart is broken and carries a lot of grief and pain.

7. My eyes got lost somewhere in the distance, my heart loved and never found the closeness.

8. Do you feel me inside of yourself, do you see me in other people?

Sad Love Status For Whatsapp

9. The old pain will pass when the new one comes.

10. Sometimes I can’t see the sun, sometimes I hate myself, but still my heart trembles when I think of you.

11. Sometimes you have to dream of happiness but you cannot feel it.

12. There is a reason for living, the first one is you the second one is without you.

13. When the sun of smile dies, the night of tears arrives.

Sad Love Status For Whatsapp

14. It ended up as if it never was, but it was…

15. I was going to write her the message and I deleted it. I remembered that she wouldn’t care.

16. In sadness you can find the truth, in truth, you can find freedom, in freedom, you can find yourself.

17. She disappointed me, hurt me, and now she is with a better man than me.

18. Am I pathetic when I say that I care?

19. When I met you, my heart broke into two pieces and what happened? Nothing, it stayed cracked.

20. What a glorious thought that perhaps sounds like a pathetic confession, but in my mind, it is more than fiction.

Sad Love Status and Images

21. Solitude is sometimes best friend, it doesn’t ask questions, and often provides the answers.

22. My soul hurt me when you left me, is there someone who can love me?

23. When you are loved, the whole world becomes your place, and when you are sad there is no place in the whole world.

24. No matter how I tried to forget you…Why do I miss you this much?

25. The first reason for poetic injustice is the moment when someone sees that you are sad.

26. Love doesn’t go away from us, we are leaving it when we feel there is a reason.

27. The light is at the end of the tunnel, but that path is very thorny and bitter.

28. I’m lonely, unhappy, staring into the night, she left me – she was right.

29. I have to be strong and figure out how to forget her but my heart keeps on telling me that I just can’t erase her in my life.

30. Sadness is being fragile like glass, you can be broken with one touch.

Sad Love Status For Facebook

31. No matter how much time has passed, some wounds will not heal, the heart is still broken and some lips will forever whisper only one name.

32. I do not want your ideal, but its shadow would step into the price with all your imperfections with which we are scrappy.

33. It is pointless: Give up all your dreams because you did not make one.

34. When I stay sad at night, I’m craving for the morning of love.

35. Sadness hurts more than knives.

36. I cannot say that I wasn’t in love… because the heart is still hiding the feelings.

Sad Love Status For Facebook

37. Love is something that passes like a slow train, leaving you behind. It goes away, even if it kills you.

38. Remember the days of love, forget the days of doubt.

39. Sadness is a reality, and happiness is a fantasy.

40. Sometimes I just want to live to kill the pain.

41. You know it’s over, but I’m not like you.

42. Freeze your emotions – instead of being a toy, become a player.

43. Can I borrow your sorrow? Can I borrow your life? Can I take everything you have? I want to never awake.

44. To be close to you is to love myself, to be far from you is to love you.

45. You were my safeness, now you are my damnation.

46. Sometimes I just lay and watch the sky, looking for your eyes.

47. When I was young I searched for her in my dreams.

48. Once I have loved you, I don’t have strength for anyone else.

49. What is it that makes us human? Defiance? Laughter? Lie or sin? Or barefoot walking on grilled life?

50. Our love is haunted and I’m the only one who saw it.

51. I love for a moment, but I suffer for eternity.

52. All I was given was one day with her.

53. I’m talking about my sadness – no one replies, it only hurts.

54. Be brave enough to be sad. It can never be avoided.

Sad Love Status For Twitter

55. Was I ever young before? Or was I always a child loving you?

56. Unbelievable, I fell in love, I loved you more than myself and in the end, our love was just a dead end.

57. My tear begins to flow, to tell her I love her. Please tear, don’t lie!

58. I guess you’ve never been loved before.

59. The world is big enough for all the sad souls but small to carry their bargain.

60. It is hard to love and to bear the heart that cries.

61. Every night in my mind, you mean so much to me, and you’re playing with me because you know I will always forgive.

62. It is pointless: Hating all roses because you scratched on one thorn.

Sad Love Status For Twitter

63. Once I was a man, then I was a lover, now I’m just a grass without its water.

64. Like dominoes, our destinies are black and white, without black, you couldn’t see white.

65. Chatting with ten people is not nearly as interesting as correspondence with one person we care about.

66. I’m trying to find you, and I have never felt this way before.

67. Pain is something inevitable, but why does it always hurt?

68. It is always a sad night when you’re waiting for someone who will not come.

69. The more I want you, the more I can’t have you.

70. Killing the love to survive the pain.

71. Men should be strong and wealthy, but all I want is to be with you.

72. I’m not afraid to speak out loud what I feel or do not believe in the humility of these works.

Sad Love Quotes

73. I wish that I could go to a place where people can delete all my memories and all my sadness.

74. When the roses grow someone always bleeds!

75. Don’t ever think it’s easy because without you I’m staying with sadness forever.

76. I loved her until I realized that she was not real…

77. If someone was not strong enough to hurt you, you should be stronger and show him that this is not just an episode!

78. As long as I breathe, I will suffer…from love or sadness.

79. There is an emptiness that gives me more pain, pain in the soul, heartache, the pain of hell, to the core.

80. I do not want to ideal you, but the shadows will disappear with all the imperfections we are made of.

81. If you stop loving me, you will end me.

82. I said – It’ll pass – But it just won’t go.

83. I often wonder why God made the two who are in love but have to walk different paths.

84. If this were just lies, let us lie to each other once more.

85. If you love someone, tell him, because the heart can be broken and words do not make excuses.

86. Does love exist, or is it an imagination we create?

87. I’m not sad because I must be, but because I was born that way.

88. Yes, I loved her the most. She was like no other. And now we don’t even talk.

Sad Love messages

89. When she was alone I stood beside her and cried with her.

90. Sometimes I just wonder who I am in this silly world without you.

91. My heart goes with you whenever you go away.

92. No more shine in your eyes, my face got lifeless, like a piece of straw…

93. Life is something that passes when we are doing something else.

94. I will never be the same without you.

95. Being alone is not being with you, being with you is being afraid of losing you.

96. He took me by the hand, said it was over, kissed me, and left … But he knew deep inside that he was wrong…

97. When love dies, the prudence rises.

98. Do not take the smile off your face, you have no reason to do that.

99. I said – It is just an adventure – But it was not that easy.

100. When the sadness comes, it never comes alone.

101. Life is short, laugh while you can.

102. I forgive you because we are humans, always been and forever will be.

103. My everything will be reflected in your eyes. What have you done to me?

104. Love made me blind, but loneliness made me stronger.

105. Silence can reveal the true meaning of sadness.

106. I’m not born to love more than one woman – that is the sadness in its pure meaning.

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