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28 Famous Quotes About Prayer For Healing

Famous Quotes About Prayer For Healing

A core of appreciation is the beginning of greatness. It’s a form of modesty. This is the foundation for the creation of values such as repentance, religion, bravery, joy, compassion, and well-being. Each life is unparalleled. But repentance must definitely require entering the door of sincere worship for all. We will allow us to truly understand the guilt of our sins. He understands the extent of our sorrow. Then he will guide what we have to do to apply for forgiveness. Top of the Best Inspiring Prayer quotes to inspire your life 35 popular prayer quotes

1. “You can meditate on almost anything: a prayer, song, image or word. Close your eyes; sit in a comfortable position. Take a breath, and say the word out loud, emphasizing the humming sound at the end. When you come to the end of the breath, take another one and say the word again. And so on.” — Dean Ornish

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2. “God knows we don’t want prayer.” — Oliver North

inspiring quotes about prayer to inspire your life

3. “Shakespeare is one of the last books one should like to give up, perhaps the one just before the Dying Service in a large Prayer book.” — Charles Lamb

4. “It’s clearly more important to treat one’s fellow man well than to be always praying and fasting and touching one’s head to a prayer mat.” — Naguib Mahfouz

5. “I got teased and taunted about my night-shaded skin, and my one prayer to God, the miracle worker, was that I would wake up lighter-skinned. The morning would come, and I would be so excited about seeing my new skin that I would refuse to look down at myself until I was in front of a mirror because I wanted to see my fair face first.” — Lupita Nyong’o

6. “’Kol Nidrei’ is probably the most important prayer in the Jewish religion. It comes on the evening of Yom Kippur. There are so many different renditions of it.” — Itzhak Perlman

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7. “Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them.” — Mahalia Jackson

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8. “Whatever a person may pray for, that person prays for a miracle. Every prayer comes down to this – Almighty God, grant that two times two not equal four.” — Ivan Turgenev

9. “The physical voice we use in prayer need not be great nor startling; even should we not lift up any great cry or shout, God will yet hear us.” — Origen

10. “The world calls for, and expects from us, simplicity of life, the spirit of prayer, charity towards all, especially towards the lowly and the poor, obedience and humility, detachment, and self-sacrifice. Without this mark of holiness, our word will have difficulty in touching the heart of modern man.” — Pope Paul VI

11. “I’m just one of many moms who will say an extra prayer each night for our sons and daughters going into harm’s way.” — Sarah Palin

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12. “I believe in God and the power of prayer.” — Kris Jenner

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13. “Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life.” — Jonathan Edwards

14. “I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.” — Harvey Fierstein

15. “I warm up with my mom and make sure I understand what the songs are about and make sure I’m using the right technique. To be honest with you, I really don’t practice a lot… Usually, I say a prayer and ask the Lord to sing with me and help me and stand on the stage with me.” — Jackie Evancho

16. “When you lie down with a short prayer, commit yourself into the hands of your Creator; and when you have done so, trust Him with yourself, as you must do when you are dying.” — Jeremy Taylor

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17. “Arabic is very twisting, very beautiful. The call to prayer is quite haunting; it almost makes you a believer on the spot.” — John Updike

18. “I’ll tell you right now. I’m for prayer in school.” — Kinky Friedman

19. “I believe in prayer. I believe in gratitude and serving people.” — Kiran Bedi

20. “Two of the central ingredients to our family are food and faith, so sitting down together and thanking God for the food He’s provided means everything to us. Prayer is a natural part of our lives – not only around the dinner table but all day long.” — Phil Robertson

21. “Prayer in any form is efficacious because it is an action. It will, therefore, have a result. That is the law of this universe in which we find ourselves.” — Dayananda Saraswati

22. “In centering prayer, the sacred word is not the object of the attention but rather the expression of the intention of the will.” — Thomas Keating

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23. “Know how to ‘cling’ to him in prayer, and then you will see the face of Christ more clearly in those whom you are called to serve.” — Basil Hume

24. “One of the values of centering prayer is that you are not thinking about God during the time of centering prayer so you are giving God a chance to manifest. In centering prayer there are moments of peace that give the psyche a chance to realize that God may not be so bad after all. God has a chance to be himself for a change.” — Thomas Keating

25. “When I was a child, we never began a meal without prayer. We thanked God for the food, for each other.” — Jacqueline Woodson

26. “For me, in my Christian belief, prayer is not an opportunity to manipulate God into doing what you want him to. Prayer is an opportunity to have a conversation with God to try to get in tune with what his will is.” — Francis Collins

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27. “Prayer is a commitment. We don’t merely co-operate with God with certain things held back within. We, the total person, co-operate. This means that co-operation equals commitment.” — E. Stanley Jones

28. “Years of drought and famine come and years of flood and famine come, and the climate is not changed with dance, libation or prayer.” — John Wesley Powell