80 Beautiful Heart Touching Quotes For With Images

Heart Touching Quotes: We always need warmth in our life and the words that touch our hearts always give us warmth which keeps us alive. Words can make you cry, words can make you smile, words can break you and words can fix you. Words can make the strongest man break into tears.

The power of words is more the you can imagine. All you need to do is deliver them right. Following is a collection of some heart-touching quotes, sayings, and messages. I hope you like them.

Beautiful Heart Touching Quotes For With Images

Heart-Touching Love Quotes

1. I love you and you know that I am proud to say that. It is not because you are mine, it is because I am yours.

2. Sometimes I want to give up on life, on love. But then, all that you have done for me comes in front of my eyes and makes me realize that you are something worth holding on to. This temporary pain and this temporary separation were worth the time we had together and we will have it again.

3. I usually forget dreams. It is hard for me to remember them in the morning but somehow I always know when I dream about you. Not the whole dream but that you were in it. I wake up happy and everything seems perfect.

4. It is not possible to describe what I am feeling for you, because there are no words that can explain this wonderful and amazing feeling I get when you are around and you seem like the center of the world at that moment.

5. My day starts with you and ends with you. I am the happiest person on this earth but I am also afraid… afraid of losing you.

6. What will happen if I ever lose you? How will I ever get used to living without you? You are the only valuable thing in my life. You are my life.

7. No money, no treasure, no jewelry, nothing is more important than you. I can happily live in a small hut with you and not complain about anything.

8. When you are in love, you make a very own heaven of you that revolves around the person you love. And all you want to do is to work for that heaven.

Heart Touching Love Quotes

9. It seems like the word love is losing its meaning. People use it when it is convenient and leave it when it is inconvenient. That is why I do not say I love you every other second to you. That is why I express it with my actions because words can be deceiving but actions with ultimate results cannot.

10. We as humans, cannot live without love. Because this is the only thing we crave when we have everything else and when we have love we almost do not want anything else.

11. There is no shame in love. Love is love, regardless of circumstances. I love you and I am not ashamed of that. I can never be ashamed of you; you are the proudest part of my life.

12. Love is meant to be cheesy you know. It is okay to tell him that he means the world to you, it is okay to tell him that he is what you live for and it is okay to tell him that you are addicted to him.

Heart Touching Status and Messages

13. Love is the warmth that can melt stone hearts and make them soft and warm again. Following are some quotes, sayings, and messages regarding heart-touching love quotes.

14. The only reason I am alive today is because I held onto your rope at the right time. You are the only reason why I want to live.

15. Missing you is the warmest feeling. Do you know why? Because it reminds me of the beautiful moments we had together, missing you means that once, I had you and that is the achievement I am proudest of.

16. “To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.” – Margaret Mitchell

Heart Touching Status and Messages

17. Following are some heart-touching and emotional quotes that can be sent to your loved ones and can also be used as statuses for WhatsApp, Facebook, other social media apps, and pretty much everything you like. We hope you will be touched by them.

18. You know why I think that I am perfect? It is because I am with you, it is because I know you are in my heart and you will always be.

19. When I say the memory of our time together makes me cry, I do not talk about the bad times I talk about the good ones. Because those are the times I miss the most.

20. If you ever decide to come back to me just know that I will be there for you. Because even if you hurt me and all that, you also gave me the best time of my life and the best memories to hold on to.

Sad Heart Touching Quotes With Images

21. The moment we started to lie to comfort each other, that is when we made a wall between each other and it only increased the distance between us.

22. A person who has friends whom he can trust is the luckiest in the world. Good friends are very rare nowadays. Be grateful to have people who invest in you and care about you. Treasure them.

23. When you are important to someone they always make time for you. You know you can always find time, you have fixed 24 hours a day, it is just that you consume it on the things you think are important to you. And if I am not included in one of those then I am not important.

24. We cannot even begin to understand forever. It is a never-ending time and it scares me, but when you are by my side, even forever seems short.

25. You are everything to me. So not for even a moment, think that I will do fine without you because I will not, it is because I can never be fine without you. I will pretend to be okay, I will fake my laughs and I will socialize but I will be heartbroken and none of the above things will make me happy. And I think you know that.

26. You are my world. There is no place in this world I would rather be.

27. No matter how broken I was, no matter how saddened I was, it is okay now. Now I have you because you are my strength, my hope, and the only rope to hold on to.

28. The more time I spend with you the more I fall in love with you. It is wrong of them to say that the presence of a thing makes it lose its worth.

29. I know sometimes you are harsh, and sometimes you ignore me and sometimes you say things you do not mean. But I do not mind any of that because I know you just want to protect me. I know that your intentions are good and I know you love me and you will always be there for me.

30. “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Sad Heart-Touching Quotes With Images

31. Sometimes heart-touching moments can be sad, sometimes awakening can be a heart-touching moment for you or it is also possible that a heart-touching moment awakens you. Life is made up of ups and downs and these downs have as much importance in building who we are. Following are some heart-touching but saddening quotes and messages for you.

32. If your present is not appreciated by someone, leave an impression that they will not be able to forget and leave them.

33. It is okay to make mistakes. Every human makes it. And just know that no human is perfect. So there is no point in being sad and moping around doing nothing. I know life sucks right now but it is never going to be this way forever. Believe that you can do it and I am not giving up on you.

best Heart Touching Quotes With pictures

34. When you cry for a person it is because you probably love them and when you cry because of a person it is because you hate them and even if you do not right now, you are going to.

35. Love is the most magical thing out there. When in love everything seems magical but you should also know that illusions are what make magic. Real magic only exists in movies.

36. I walked on pins and needles for this love and you left me the moment you got a chance to walk on roses even though you were still standing on petals.

37. Beginnings are usually full of mystery endings are usually heartbreaking and the middle is explanatory but your story cannot be completed without any of these missing.

38. Every part of our story makes us who we are and makes our story worth noticing. So no matter how dark any of these parts get, just remember it is just a part, not a whole story.

39. Love is supposed to leave a mark and every mark is a story and your story is what makes you YOU. And it is the only thing that you leave behind when you die.

40. When you lose someone you feel like a part of you has gone missing and you try to find it in other people. You try to replace that part of you with something else but nothing else fits there. So the trick is to accept the loss and move on. Because acceptance is the first step towards a solution.

41. Sometimes when we are upset we tend to avoid people. It is because you know deep inside this is not the right time to be with other people. You might just push them away and hurt them. And passing your pain will only make it harder not just for them but for yourself as well.

42. And when you find yourself reading those old conversations with that person it just means that you haven’t moved on yet and still need time.

43. It is sad that you left and it is pathetic that after everything you have done, I still want you, I would still take you back in a heartbeat, and I will gladly pick up the broken pieces of my trust and heart with my bare hands. It is maybe because I never imagined life without you and I still can’t.

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