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245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes, Quotes & Messages

Birthdays are the perfect day to let your niece know how much you love her. Finding the perfect birthday wishes for niece to put a smile. Sending you some of that luck for the upcoming year, birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages

Happy Birthday Niece: The only way to celebrate your niece’s birthday is with our best collection of niece’s birthday wishes! Your family and your heart grew in size and love on the day your niece was born. Her little hands and feet led her to your affections and to the happiest parts of your life. You enjoyed every minute you spent with her, as your niece grew up. Your niece makes you happy, tells you about life, and just makes you a little happier each day. You’ve never loved anyone so much, and being her aunt is your best work in life.

Your niece gets a year older with every birthday that passes, and you get another day to enjoy the beautiful individual she is becoming. No one makes you happier than your niece and any opportunity to make her feel special and valuable is cherished by you. So, as her birthday approaches this year, as she gets older, make sure to celebrate who she is and who she will become. Make this a celebration that your niece will never miss by letting her know how much you love her and giving her the best wish you will find for her niece!

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | happy birthday niece, happy birthday beautiful niece, niece birthday

Happy Birthday Niece

#1. “A happy birthday to the most adorable niece in the world! I hope your big day will be packed with so many moments of fun to count and you will get everything you desire. In life, you deserve to get all the happiness.”

#2. “Niece, just as brilliant as you are, may your future be. Your smile adds a twinkle to my eyes, and my heart brings pleasure. To my sparkling example of the ideal niece, happy birthday.”

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | happy birthday to my beautiful niece, happy birthday great niece, birthday wishes for niece

#3. “Nothing excites me more than the fact that on your birthday I get to bask in your awesomeness during the day. I wish I could do that regularly, but I’m not sure I can live with it! Happy birthday to my extraordinarily cool sister.”

#4. “Niece, you fascinate me so very much. How do you incorporate that many features into a small, tiny body like this? You are so beautiful, energetic, optimistic, beautiful, and articulate that you are fascinated by your aunt.”

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | happy birthday to my niece quotes, birthday for niece, niece birthday card messages

#5. “Please understand that my hugs are always there to console you if you are ever feeling sad or lonely. Your aunt was also known to go the extra mile with ice cream and champagne at desperate times!”

#6. “I feel extremely grateful to be able to live in a world with such a spectacular human like you in it. You’re such a luminous, outgoing, and fun niece. I sincerely hope your birthday is as good as you are, every piece.”

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | birthday wishes to niece kid, happy birthday to a wonderful niece, happy birthday special niece

#7. “I see a little bit of myself inside you sometimes. I want you to know that I apologize so much for that! I love you very much, and on your special day, I wish you all the very best. Happy Niece’s birthday!”

#8. “Can your birthday have just positive moments, lovely friends, and great presents? I’m here because we have positive moments and great people are gone, so if you like incredible presents, you really should reach your parents.”

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | niece birthday wishes, happy birthday niece images, happy birthday to my little niece

#9. “Niece, I hope you’re still chasing your dreams, and I know they’re going to come true one day. This is all I believe because my dream of having a great-niece has come true. Please, happy birthday!”

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#10. “There is one thing that everybody in our family has in common: they all adore and love you. Thank you for making it too convenient for you to be loved. I hope that your birthday will be packed with many wonderful surprises.”

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | happy birthday favorite niece, birthday message for niece from aunt, birthday message for niece

Happy Birthday Quotes for Niece

#11. “Please understand that our entire family loves you beyond measure. Will your special day be full of items that are beautiful, delightful, and tasty. Happy birthday little angel of mine!”

#12. “Maybe your parents are extremely happy and proud that you are their daughter, but don’t forget that I am just as proud and happy that you are my niece. I hope you know that I have so much love for you.”

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | happy birthday niece funny, happy birthday sweet niece, birthday niece

#13. “I feel so grateful to be associated with such a kind, considerate, and loving niece. Will your special day giving you all the hope and dreams that you have for this year. Please, happy birthday!”

#14. “A lot of good things are coming to an end in life: albums, birthdays, and sunsets. In life, there is one wonderful thing that will never end though: my everlasting passion for you.”

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | birthday greetings to niece from aunt, happy 18th birthday niece, happy birthday niece funny quotes

#15. “May your birthday offer a lot of hugs, a lot of kisses, and a lot of good wishes. I am so happy I have a relationship with such a stunning, brave, and intelligent lady. Happy birthday to my niece, my love!”

#16. “It is one of the best aspects of my life to have a beautiful niece like you. You bring my life with you so much peace and love, and I am eternally grateful that you were born.”

245 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes Quotes Messages | happy 17th birthday niece, happy belated birthday niece, beautiful niece birthday

#17. “I hope that the sun always shines for you in the afternoon, the stars always shine for you in the evening and that people always dazzle you with love and devotion in your lifetime.”

#18. “You are amazing, not only to me but also to our whole family. We are so grateful that our family includes such a gorgeous, spirited, and amazing lady. Can your birthday be full of all possible joy and enjoyment?”

#19. “There was no way I could find out before you were born how much I would love to be wrapped around your little finger. It makes me extremely happy, and I hope that you will have a wonderful birthday.”

#20. “You have been such a cheerful, understanding, and beautiful young woman as you have grown. I couldn’t have been more proud of naming you, my niece. Will your great day be as lovely as it is for you.”

Birthday greetings for niece

#21. “I just look at pictures of your adorable, laughing face anytime I feel sad and it raises me straight back up. I hope that on your big day you smile bunches and that you have a fun and joyful day.”

#22. “Niece, you are surely a chip away from your old block! I recall your father being your age, and he was just like you: persistent, irritating, and totally lovable in every way.”

#23. “Through your candor, cuteness, coolness, cheerfulness, and kindness, you have always had the potential to charm my socks off. Happy birthday to my little niece’s cutie-pie!”

#24. “It has been hard not to love you ever since you were a child. You’re just making it too easy to do! I do hope this year will make any dream you aspire to come true.”

#25. “In my life, there is no way that I want any more nieces. You are so wonderful that I don’t have enough time to express love to other people in my day. Happy birthday to my niece, my love!”

#26. “I hope that a modern, thrilling, bold, and adventurous chapter in your book of life begins on your special day. If you need the advice to launch this new chapter, you can contact your aunt because I am a life expert. Please believe me: I’m old! Happy birthday to an adorable young niece of mine.”

#27. “I grow more and more astonished every year at how amazing you are. You give so much, and you enjoy it so quickly. May you have many luck, good news, and happy birthday celebrations.”

#28. “This is another year that I’m going to enjoy with my beloved niece. I hope your birthday is going to be the best you’ve ever had, and because I’m going to be there, it should actually be the best!”

#29. “I respect so many qualities about you: only a handful of my favorite things are your courage, determination, conviction, and compassion. May it be just as cool as you are on your birthday.”

#30. “Often I am deeply amazed that you were created by your parents because you are absolutely incredible! Are you confident that you are not mine? I strongly suspect that they took you from me. Happy birthday to my niece. My daughter is the one I hope for.”

Birthday Wishes for Niece – Birthday Wishes and Messages

#31. “I’ve prepared something extraordinary for your birthday this year, Niece: I invited your boyfriend, and I didn’t mention anything to your dad! This can really be really rare and unforgettable.”

#32. “Niece, I’m so fortunate that only the positive aspects of your parents have been passed from you. As a kid, I know what your mom was like, so I can vouch that this is a good thing for you!”

#33. “I am so fortunate to have such an adorable, fearless, and outstanding niece. You are absolutely beautiful, and I am more than lucky to be able to call you my sister. Get an enchanting birthday.”

#34. “Nothing can be contrasted with the passion that I have for you. Not money, not jewelry, and not even my cat. Ok, maybe a pet of mine. Ok, come on! You are more in love with him than with me, and I forgive you. Birthday Meow! Meowy!”

#35. “Niece, do you know what we have in common between dictionaries and search engines? The depth of my passion and adoration towards you can not be explained by all of them. This is as huge as it is inexplicable.”

#36. “I hope that your birthday candles follow your lead every year: may they shine each year brighter and brighter. I hope that your special day is as vivid as it is for you.”

#37. “Officially, you are the only member of our family who makes things tolerable for family gatherings! It must be that you are so wonderful, courageous, delightful, and lovable.”

#38. “Niece, I still tell people that the reason I don’t want to give birth to you is that I got a daughter the second time you were born. Many of my motherhood needs are fulfilled by you, and I hope you know that I cherish and love you just as much as your parents do.”

#39. “I’m not sure how you manage to pull it off, but you get a little more amazing every year! Who is an extraordinary talent? You have to take me after you! Will your day be festive and entertaining.”

#40. “If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you are a wonderful girl with a lovely spirit. This should be attested to by someone who knows you. Happy birthday to my most cherished niece!”

Happy Birthday Niece Messages with Images

#41. “I’m still going to be here to bask in your victories and console you for your shortcomings. No matter what happens, you know, Niece, I am forever proud of everything you do in life.”

#42. “Niece, nothing brings more pleasure and satisfaction to your aunt than understanding that we have a close and caring friend like this. Ok, maybe it’s because I’m pretty sure your parents are jealous of me! It is important to celebrate the little wins of life. Happy birthday to a favorite niece of mine”

#43. “I have decided on the right present for you this year for your special day: I’m not going to sing at your birthday party and shame you! You are very welcome, and niece, happy birthday.”

#44. “If you need a confidante at any moment, just turn to me. What aunts do best is to keep secrets (particularly from parents)! Will your year be just as excellent as it is for you.”

#45. “Niece, you look a lot like rose-colored lenses, and you made it so much more perfect when you came into my world. Thank you for being as delightful as you are colorful at all times.”

#46. “Mind to train hard at all times, work hard, and, most specifically, play hard. I hope that this year, you’ve got the biggest birthday party ever. Happy birthday to my most cherished niece!”

#47. “If you ever get scolded by your grandma, your parents ever ground you, or your friends ever bother you, just give me a call. I will still find time for you to feel happy, encouraged, and respected.”

#48. “May the only tears you shed are those of joy, but remember that I am here for you if you ever feel sad. Any time you need love and support, your aunt will always be available, niece.”

#49. “It’s my job in life, as your aunt, to help you disturb the mess of your parents. In that spirit, I have bought you all the Justin Bieber albums for your birthday. Feel free to repeat them by playing them. Just the whole time. I love you, and you will be very welcome.”

#50. “If you have any idea what the word niece stands for? Sweet, wise, exceptional, generous, and extraordinary. Both these qualities you manage to be, plus more. I hope you have rocks for your birthday!”

Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Niece

#51. “On your big day, I have some tips for you: instead of counting your candles, just count your mates. Take it from someone who’s been living longer; I promise that in the long term, it will make you so much happier.”

#52. “I expect to treat you just like a celebrity for your birthday: there will be lots of publicity, fawning, and taking endless photos! Happy birthday to this little star of mine.”

#53. “I thought of myself at all times, not as your uncle, but as your second parent. If you ever need a hand to support yourself, a firm arm, or a comforting embrace, just turn to me. I will be there with my beloved niece at all times.”

#54. “Never let people pull you down because you are such a phenomenal individual. It may have been rough this year, but I know you are so much stronger. That was what you inherited from my side of the family!”

#55. “One of the achievements that I’m most proud of, Niece, is that I had a hand in helping to lift you. In specific, because you have exceeded all the hopes I have ever had for you.”

#56. “I am so sure that, since you are a passionate and motivated person, you will do well in life. Only the same as me! Can your day be packed with only wonderful moments and positive feelings?”

#57. “You have taught me one of the best lessons in life, even though you are such a tiny little thing: love for family is completely unconditional and selfless. So much gratitude to you.”

#58. “It is yet another reason for having a birthday to throw a celebration celebrating your wondrous self. And there is so much you have to honor: your humanity, your compassion, your intelligence, your dedication, your fearlessness. In reality, because you are just so spectacular, the list might go on and on!”

#59. “You will hold a special spot deep in my heart, even though we are far apart. I thank you very much, and I wish you all the fun and excitement on your special day.”

#60. “I hope you have a year packed with only good memories, because, with you, I have beautiful memories worth a lifetime. Thank you for making things more important in my life.”

Birthday Wishes for my Favorite Girl

#61. “I gained more than a niece when you were born, and I gained a daughter. You have brought to my life so much sunshine, delight, and laughter. I hope your day is as lovely as you are, every little bit.”

#62. “You are such a spectacular individual that your parents have determined that they don’t need any more children. Well, that or you were so irritating that they concluded that they didn’t need any more kids! Kidding, only. You are a wonderful daughter and a fantastic niece.”

#63. “My time with you, looking back has been one of the best moments of my life. You are such an easy-going and fun guy, and I am thankful that you have been brought into my life.”

#64. “I know your mom thinks you’re going to take her, but let’s be honest; certainly you get from me your amazing looks, your dazzling personality, and your clever intellect! However, we do not need to tell her.”

#65. “Can your life be packed with adventure and excitement? Not too many, though, so I don’t want to think about getting a heart attack! Have a birthday that is fantastic (and very safe)!”

#66. “I have so many things in life that I would like to share with you: wisdom, kindness, and devotion, to name a few. With my gorgeous and caring niece, I will sacrifice anything to be able to have forever.”

#67. “Niece, I used to wonder about how we were going to get together, but I know that now. You are my Princess Peach, and I am the Toad of yours. Happy birthday from your loyal uncle/sidekick.”

#68. “May you be surrounded by people who bring to your life just love and happiness. I will still, at the very least, be here to supply you with them. Yeah, happy birthday, honey!”

#69. “You brought so much tension into my life when you were a baby: moaning, yelling, and let’s not even mention those diapers! But I wouldn’t even trade a moment spent with you because you gave so much fun and affection to me as well.”

#70. “You’ve got a strong head on your shoulders like that, Niece. You are motivated, focused, and committed as well. I’m pretty sure that all these qualities you have come from me: your favorite aunt.”

Happy birthday beautiful niece

#71. “Life is a journey, and I truly hope that delight, laughter, wonder, and devotion will fill yours. I will always be your compass, if you ever lose your way, and lead you back to your direction.”

#72. “It seems like you were learning to walk only yesterday, but now I waste my days running after you. Thank you for reminding me that there are visions I still have to chase. Happy Niece’s birthday!”

#73. “It is not mother-daughter but aunt-daughter that is the strongest couple in life. I’m still going to be here for girl nights, long chats, and moments of hair emergency. Your day will be as lovely as your hair, I think.”

#74. “Niece, you’re so fortunate: you should learn from all my mistakes because I’ve made so many of them! Let’s just say that I made all of them for you because that’s how thoughtful I am. Happy birthday and you are welcome!”

#75. “You should console yourself with the fact that at least you are getting cuter too, even though you are getting older every year! Happy birthday to your amazing aunt’s super cute little niece!”

#76. “Thank you for having filled my life with amazing memories of you. It never fails to amaze me that I am blessed enough to have such a niece who is joyful and caring.”

#77. “I wish I could be there for your big day, but I’m going to have to settle for giving you lots of love feelings, and dreams instead. May your day be half as brilliant and sparkling as it is for you.”

#78. “In another life, I must have done something absolutely exceptional to be blessed with such a kind, caring, and beautiful niece. I am so happy, and I hope that your birthday will be filled with much joy.”

#79. “It is much easier to have you as a niece than to have a daughter. You just appear to be getting upset with your parents, but this is a win-win for me! Happy birthday from your mum, who never makes you mad and just pampers you.”

#80. “I am consumed by one feeling whenever I look at you: affection. Words will never describe how much I love you, Niece, truly. Will your birthday be packed with merry moments and with joyful laughter.”

Happy birthday to a wonderful niece

#81. “I have often been so snooty since I became your aunt: I still think you’re better than everyone else, and all I do is brag about you. It is all your fault that you are so good!”

#82. “There’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than being able to please you, Niece. I hope that your birthday will be full of wonderful memories, food, and people that will bring you a lot of happiness.”

#83. “There is one thing in the world that makes me happiest: smothering my niece with my affection and gratitude. Can your birthday be packed with lovely moments and with caring friends?”

#84. “You won my heart with your cute disposition when you were born. I had no idea that I was capable of such never-ending and unconditional love. Happy birthday to the little robber of my life!”

#85. “There is no way I will ever repay your parents for bringing to this world such a lovely and wonderful girl, however, I will try to babysit you! But, while there is nothing I would like to do other than spend time with you, I would never charge them anyway.”

#86. “Oh, I can surely attest that the apple did not fall with you far from the family tree, Niece. Just like me, you are: feisty, fearless, and amusing. Happy birthday to a great-niece of mine!”

#87. “Know that you should still run to your aunt if you want to run away from home, and you wouldn’t want to deal with a beautiful niece like that. Happy birthday to the stowaway of my future!”

#88. “You always come out of your way to take care of someone, so it’s my turn to take care of you today. So, brace yourself this year for some serious pampering! I’m talking about nails, hair, shopping, sweets, and wine, because all that and more is worth it to you.”

#89. “All I would imagine is that your birthday will be full of all the people and stuff that will bring you pleasure in life. And your affectionate aunt. Happy birthday to my remarkable niece!”

#90. “I’m so grateful, that my life couldn’t get any better. I have a stellar niece like that now, so what else should I ask for? Thank you for putting so much fun and affection into my life.”

Happy Birthday to My Little Niece

#91. “Niece, I want you to know that I never feel my age, and I still feel young in my heart because of your love. Thank you for holding your aunt on her toes and putting a little pep in my move at all times!”

#92. “You offer so much and so honestly at all times. It is one of the impressive qualities of yours. I hope that you will get a lot of free love and adoration for your birthday. Happy Niece’s birthday!”

#93. “I’m so sad that this year I won’t be able to be there for your birthday, but I will always be in your mind. Know that I am fondly thinking about you and today I give you the best of wishes.”

#94. “Niece, I thought my days of taking orders were over when I finished with the army, but I seemed to have been mistaken. Ok, at least there’s no one else I’d rather order than my adorable niece around me. Happy birthday to the world’s prettiest general!”

#95. “I hope that you will always be surrounded by laughter, satisfaction, and lots and lots of love. You are such a lovely niece, and I’m overwhelmed at how fortunate I am in my life to have you.”

#96. “A lot of people are complaining that it is impossible to come by positive things in life. They have clearly not seen my phenomenal niece! May your great day be as sublime as you are, and that is what you deserve.”

#97. “If there are times that you need to have someone to trust, please know that I’m here for you. I will always be here to guide you, from boys to school to life. Please, happy birthday!”

#98. “You are the sort of person who, as she comes in, does not just light up a room; you illuminate the hearts of people. I hope your special day will be as vivid, sparkling, and radiant as it is in your life.”

#99. “Often, as I think about how not everyone is lucky in their life with a niece, it makes me sad. Who are they going to pamper, worship, and love to death? I’m just going to have to make sure that I cherish you in their name even more. Happy birthday to my niece, my love!”

#100. “I was shocked to find, after you came into my life, that with you my world was filled with precious giggles and adorable smiles. There was nothing more of a welcome treat than that.”

Birthday Greetings to Niece

#101. “It makes me want to work harder at all I do in life to have such a sweet and caring niece because there is nothing I want more than to have your respect. Well, maybe a passion of yours.”

#102. “I used to think my little brother couldn’t do it well, but then he gave you his fatherhood. Nothing makes me happier than having such an insanely lovable niece to stay straight.”

#103. “There are many great people in our family (myself included), but you are the very greatest by far! I hope that your special day will be packed with many things that will amaze and inspire you.”

#104. “Even though you grew up without a parent, I hope you never feel like something was lacking from you. If you need someone to be there to hold you up, pick you up, or even beat someone up, then I’m there for you. Happy birthday to your uncle, who loves you like your dad.”

#105. “I hope that for your birthday you will get plenty of nice gifts, huge hugs, and delicious food. There is no one more deserving than you are. Thank you for always being the prettiest niece of all time.”

#106. “I haven’t been able to wish for a better niece than you, and I am so thankful that you have come into my life. Thank you so much for telling me all the wonderful things and happy memories I have lost.”

#107. “I hope for years to come that your joy will never stop, that your happiness will never vanish, and that your smiles will be endless. No one is more deserving than you of everlasting life and happiness.”

#108. “Niece, don’t think about going to school this year, because I’m still going to be here to help with you. Try to call your favorite aunt when you are up for some serious partying! This year, we will also start training at your birthday party.”

#109. “There isn’t something about you that I don’t enjoy. Your bright faces, your loud laughing, and your precious love bring so much joy and happiness to me. I hope that your great day is beautiful, much as you are. Happy Niece’s birthday!”

#110. “Your birthday is the best day to take some time to enjoy just how great a niece you really are. I am so delighted that you are a part of my life. Happy birthday to my niece, my love!”

Happy Birthday Niece Messages

#111. “You’re going to make my life bigger, bolder, lighter. Thanks for always having compassion and warmth radiating. Can your special day be full of moments of fun and pleasure that are unforgettable?”

#112. “You are kind, resourceful, determined, compassionate, supportive, enthusiastic, outgoing, articulate, and bold to name only a couple. Niece, you have so many great qualities to list. Don’t tell your parents about that, but I’m pretty sure you’ve got all these values from my family line!”

#113. “I’m sure it’s great to be a mom and all, but being an aunt is a lot better! Thanks for getting into my life so much fun, enthusiasm, and love. I am extremely grateful that I am going to be your mom.”

#114. “There is an important function for nieces: they melt the hearts of their families. Thank you for having filled my life with moments of joy that are too many to count. Will your birthday is just as good as it is for you.”

#115. “Happy birthday to you, the most beautiful niece in the world!”

#116. “I am extremely thankful to your parents for having given me a superb granddaughter. This is definitely the first time I have been thankful to your mom in my life. Hey, as a kid, she was very irritating. I am amazed and surprised that she made a sweet and caring girl like this!”

#117. “You give me so much hope for the future, that if you have such a stellar person like you, then it can only be amazing. Thank you for giving me, in life, faith, pleasure, and affection.”

#118. “When you were born, it changed my entire life for the better. Just by being yourself, you’re making me so proud. On your special day, may you also have a measure of that satisfaction.”

#119. “Niece, if anyone else lets you down in life, you will always be able to rely on me. It will always be my work to bring you up and console you. Happy birthday to my amazing little niece!”

#120. “The first time you called me “Aunt,” my heart melted, and I’ve been a huge puddle of goo ever since, Niece. I hope that on your big day, you realize unimaginable joy and love.”

Happy Birthday Quotes for Niece

#121. “There is nothing more than your aunt looks forward to than carrying you for hours at a time in my arms. Well, maybe when you look at me with a smile. Choosing between the two is hard to do! Happy birthday to my sister, who delights me with all that she does.”

#122. “Since we very much resemble each other, people still believe you are my daughter. If it had just been so! For the healthy genes, and even more so for my love and devotion, you are very welcome.”

#123. “I just think of you while I am nervous. You really make me feel a feeling of inner calm and pleasure. Thank you for being such a comfort to me at all times. Happy Niece’s birthday!”

#124. “I hope you know that if you ever feel too intimidated to turn to your parents, you can turn to me at all times. I pledge that I’m a pro who holds secrets and offers sound advice.”

#125. “May your birthday have only sweet stuff to give you: sweet sweets, sweet cupcakes, and sweet love. It would, I’m sure, be that you are the sweetest guy I know. Please, happy birthday!”

#126. “It still reminds me, while I am with you, that I’m happy I don’t have children yet. It’s not that you’re evil, but because I love you so much that I can’t even imagine how there is ever going to be any place left to love anyone. You’re the whole of my life, Niece.”

#127. “This year, though I am not afraid to buy your love and devotion, your aunt is planning to buy you everything you want for your birthday. I am going to take it every way I can get it!”

#128. “Getting a wonderful niece as you gave me a little taste of parenthood, and before you came into my life, I had never felt such affection and adoration. Will your day be packed with happiness.”

#129. “There are so many great qualities you have: you are charming, outgoing, and intelligent. I’m pretty sure that you didn’t get them from my family line, but I’m so happy you got them!”

#130. “Niece, you have filled the love and peace of my heart. Thank you for putting a great deal of joy into my life. I hope your special day will be just as stunning as yours.”

Happy Birthday to an Awesome Niece

#131. “Your smile is my medication when I am sick, and your laughter rejuvenates me when I am exhausted, and your love comforts me when I am down. Thank you for being a truly magnificent person and niece.”

#132. “I was always thinking that I got my life together, and I saw you then. Just by being in it, you have made my life so much easier. I assume that today you will have all manner of fun and joyous moments.”

#133. “Niece, you and I are like cream cheese donuts: we’re making the perfect combo! May your special day have lots of sweet people and much sweeter treats to fill with. Happy Niece’s birthday!”

#134. “I felt we should do something we all love to do for your birthday, to torment the mess of your parents! Happy birthday to my delightful partner in crime.”

#135. “I’m not sure how it happened, but with your charming and adorable ways, you have managed to grab my spirit. I hope your birthday is half as delightful as it is for you.”

#136. “You are a perfect rainbow on the cloudiest days of my life. Thank you for bringing light, laughter, and love to my life at all times. Will your year be chock full of awesome moments.”

#137. “Niece, today is a day that I want to take to remind you how happy I am that you were born. Wow, my life would have been so hollow without you. I am so fortunate to have a niece like you who is so daring, stunning, and loving. Please, happy birthday!”

#138. “I want you to look in the mirror for a moment so that you can understand what perfection looks like. It must be hard to prove that people can actually be perfect, but you make it look so simple. I hope that your special day will live up to just how perfect you are.”

#139. “Niece, you’ve got a wonderful talent: you always know how to bring a smile to the faces of people. Thank you for being such a wonderful person, your daughter, and your niece!”

#140. “I hope that you will get everything you could ever wish for your big day. I brought chocolate, candy, and cake for you, but I’m still working with that pony. One day, it will come. I’m swearing!”

Happy Birthday Blessings Niece

#141. “You filled my life with your adorable, lovely, and adorable ways when you were born. I’m so fortunate to have such an extraordinary niece who gives me so much joy, so much love, so much happiness.”

#142. “Life is one huge, daring adventure, and I hope it’s nothing short of a phenomenal one for you. May your birthday be full of fun, excitement, and adventure (and your life). Please, happy birthday!”

#143. “Your birthday still reminds me of the fast passage of time. I swear that you were only a kid just yesterday, but somehow you have grown into a beautiful young lady. I’m so proud of you, though!”

#144. “Niece, life is a lot like candy: sweet and exchanged with others in the best way. If life really feels too sticky to be done by you, contact me. If it is life or sweets, I will always be here to share it with you.”

#145. “I know you think I’m a bit nuts, because, on Facebook, I’m stalking you. Although if you had such a great-niece, you would probably be a bit nuts! I hope you’re having a great birthday, and I’m looking forward to seeing all your photographs of it online. Happy birthday from your stalker/aunt!”

#146. “Niece, there is a special connection between you and me that can never be broken. Whenever you’re too afraid to go to your parents, come to your aunt’s place. I’m never going to criticize you because it is my job to love and encourage you all the time.”

#147. “Niece, I’m smarter, too, because I am older. So, when I say that you are the most lovable guy in the world, you should believe it, absolutely! Will your day scintillate as well as you do.”

#148. “I hope your wonderful day will be packed with lovely friends, tasty meals, and daring adventures. Any pleasure and joy of your life need to be enjoyed.”

#149. “I plan to ensure that your birthday party is a blast this year, and I have accomplished this by not inviting your parents! Niece, you are incredibly welcome.”

#150. “Since it’s your birthday, I’ll leave you with a little secret: it happens to be my specialty in life to hug cute nieces. May today you get plenty of hugs and gifts.”

Funny Niece Birthday Wishes

#151. “There is far more to our friendship than blood; it is about fun, smiles, embraces, laughter, and affection. You mean so much to me, and I hope you’re just as perfect as you are in your day.”

#152. “I know that on your big day, we are miles apart, but I want you to know that every single day that we are apart, I miss you. Today, I am sending warm thoughts and wishes your way.”

#153. “Niece, you are my little princess. My order is your every desire! Happy birthday from your faithful subject, your adoring uncle alias.”

#154. “Your father and your mother appeared to have much too much spare time on their hands before you were born. Fortunately, you came along, and now there’s no risk they’re going to get bored fast!”

#155. “You are the prettiest niece of all time. Cuter than bunnies, or dogs, or even kittens, yes. You are so cute that I can’t look at you directly sometimes, because then I would be overwhelmed by the overload of cuteness!”

#156. “I felt like I was getting so old the first time you called me “Uncle”! But it’s just music to my ears now. May your day be just as bright as you are today.”

#157. “In the past, I have so many fond memories of us: braiding your hair, playing with your dolls, painting your nails. But together, I am even more excited about our future. I just know that it’s going to be awesome because you’re a great-niece.”

#158. “I was only thinking of myself before you were born, but now I am thinking only of you. With your adorable ways, you are consuming all of my thoughts and time. I hope that your birthday is incredible!”

#159. “I wish you were as amazing as all nieces because you are the ultimate role model: sweet, kind, compassionate, cute, and affectionate. May you receive unspeakable joy and happiness, not just for your birthday, but for the rest of your life, every day.”

#160. “Niece, you make me feel young again because all I see is happiness, wonder, and delight when I look at life through your eyes. With your kind and compassionate ways, you will lift my day, attitude, and life.”

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter

#161. “May the force be with you on your big day.” Although, I guess you don’t really need it, because you are a force of your own already.” And one that needs to be reckoned with! Happy birthday from your uncle/Yoda.”

#162. “There are many things you have brought into my life: pleasure, enjoyment, and excitement. However, nothing compares to the love that you gave me. May you feel nothing today other than love and happiness.”

#163. “Nothing comforts me more than your happy smile, cute giggles, and sweet hugs while I am having a particularly rough day. I hope you will love your birthday as much as I have loved your entire time with you.”

#164. “May your life be packed with happy memories, with wonderful friends, and with even greater love. Since you are awesome, I am sure that this is going to happen! You are making it hard for you not to love you.”

#165. “Niece, I hope that you will know your worth. Anyone good enough to meet you is going to know how invaluable you are. Happy birthday to my incalculable sister!”

#166. “Since I’m a great aunt, I’m going to get to spoil you rotten. So, all the things that your parents dislike, I’ve prepared: fruit, chocolate, and cookies. Sugar, sugar, and still more sugar, literally. Happy birthday and you are welcome!”

#167. “Niece, I will need you next year to stop getting better and better. You make things sound horrible for your aunt! Yeah, oh well, anyway, I love you. I hope your birthday this year is an outstanding one.”

#168. “You continue to get more and more wonderful every year. I am so proud of the stunning, lovely, and kind young lady you are becoming. Happy birthday to a classy niece of mine!”

#169. “For your birthday, I brought everything you could want: cool toys, delicious candies, and even money to bribe you for your love and affection. Only don’t rat me to your parents out there!”

#170. “Niece, I am completely captivated by how understanding, thoughtful, and caring you are. I have no idea how your parents created such beauty, but I am so thrilled that they did.”

18th Birthday Wishes for Niece

#171. “Niece, I hope that you know you’re never going to be in trouble with me. I’m going to leave it to your parents because I enjoy spoiling and pampering you forever. Please, happy birthday!”

#172. “Since you were married, being an uncle was so much more fun. Feeding time, naps, and changing diapers immediately were all of my own! Thank you for opening my mind to how amazing it is in your life to have a gorgeous niece.”

#173. “I wish you unlimited peace and never-ending pleasure in life. You deserve it because you are taking these things into my life, and so much more. Well, thank you for being a caring niece like that.”

#174. “I imagine that I would love her as much as I love you if I had a daughter. Thank you for being able to show me a small glimpse of fatherhood. I hope today you will get a lot of presents, sweets, and cake.”

#175. “If I were to choose one word that sums up my feelings for you, it would be: “chocolate.” It’s rare, sweet, and more than anything else in the world, I love it!”

#176. “Niece, thank you for making me feel young all the time, and never calling me up, though I know absolutely nothing about half of what you’re talking about. And I love it! Happy birthday, Uncle, from your old, still caring one.”

#177. “I hope that not only on your birthday but every day of your life, you will always feel content and loving. You are an unbelievable niece, and I hope that this year you will get everything that you have wished for.”

#178. “You melted my heart on the day that you were born. I never knew that, until I met you, I could love someone so quickly and easily. May your birthday be filled with as much wonder and joy as you have brought me.”

#179. “. There are many highs and lows in life: triumphs, achievements, defeats, and failures. If you ever meet the last two of them, come to me, because I will always be there to love you, to comfort you, to inspire you.”

#180. “I would rather do nothing there than spend a whole day enjoying how awesome you are. Though it’s not almost enough time for one day, we can start today and then take the rest of the year!”

Happy 17th Birthday to My Niece

#181. “I am so happy that we have added to our family such a sweet, cute, adorable, and caring girl like you. You brought so much joy to our lives, and I hope you will have a spectacular birthday for us.”

#182. “Niece, don’t think you’re getting older on your birthday. Think of it, instead, as becoming stronger. Such a wonderful person can’t change, but you still defy expectations. Happy Niece’s birthday!”

#183. “You are the kind of person who, everywhere you go, spreads joy and happiness. Without a doubt, you have brought joy and happiness into my life, and I hope your birthday will bring you a measure of what you bring to others.”

#184. “I want you to know that I would always love you, even though you weren’t my niece because you are an amazing girl! I’m pretty sure that from my side of the family you got your awesomeness!”

#185. “I figured that being an aunt would make me feel old when I was younger, but instead, I felt so grateful and honored. I hope you know that I cherish you very much and that no one in my life will ever take your place.”

#186. “I can just say: if I ever had a girl, I would like her to be exactly like you. There’s no greater compliment I can offer. Happy birthday to my magnificent niece!”

#187. “Niece, today is the beginning of a new and wonderful year for you. I hope it will be packed with excitement, laughter, and contentment. You’re deserving of this and so much more than that.”

#188. “I would like you to know on your big day that you are my very favorite niece! True, you are my only niece, but no one will ever presume to equate you with you, except in the future. Really and honestly, you are irreplaceable.”

#189. “You are something more than a niece of mine; you are an invaluable part of my life. I am so happy that you have come into my life and, with your sweet and caring presence, you are making things better.”

#190. “I want you to know that while I feel extremely proud of your parents that they have such a beautiful daughter, there are so many moments. They’re so fortunate that they have you.”

1st Birthday Wishes for Niece

#191. “Not just my niece, but also my friend, my confidante, and my best shopping buddy, thanks for always being here. The day that you were born, I won a lifetime bestie.”

#192. “There are so many possibilities in life for such a great individual like you. I hope that you will benefit from both of them because you deserve them. On your big day, I am going to take advantage of this chance to smother you with affection.”

#193. “I am stunned at how amazing you are, Niece. Your presence is so encouraging and happy, and I am so grateful to be able to call you my niece. Please, happy birthday!”

#194. “Can you know only peace, affection, and motivation in your life at all times? If you ever find like these qualities are missing in you, please turn to me. I will still supply you with anything you may like.”

#195. “It is my duty, as your uncle, to help you in life. So, I invite you to share lots of your birthday cake with me this year because I take my job very seriously as your mentor! Happy Niece’s birthday, from your beloved uncle.”

#196. “I hope that your special day will be packed with unending luck, laughter, and love. There is no one more capable of that than you. Happy birthday to my niece, my love!”

#197. “You are doing a lot more than lighting my life; you are making everything about it sparkle. Thank you for being such a wonderful, magnificent, and caring niece. May your big day be as special as it is to me as you are.”

#198. “. Niece, it is completely unlikely for you not to love you. This is a beautiful birthday packed with magic, wonder, and delight.”

#199. “I hope that your special day is everything, and even more, that you deserve. May it be overflowing with hope, with joy, and with laughter. Happy birthday to my caring and extraordinary niece!”

#200. “Niece, I know you’re concerned about getting older, but with the assurance that at least you’re never going to catch up to me, you can still console yourself! From your older (but extremely loving) mom, happy birthday.”

21st Birthday Wishes for a Special Niece

#201. “There are so many beautiful things that occupy my life: love, satisfaction, happiness, delight, and sweetness, to name a few. None of these, though, are as important or as valued as the love you offer.”

#202. “I’m sure you don’t want anything for your birthday, because I know I’ve already given you anything you might ever want. Me, an aunt of yours. Just in case, however, I arrived armed with cookies and cake. It never helps when the bases are filled!”

#203. “No other niece will ever be as exceptional as you are: uniquely stunning, uniquely creative, and uniquely courageous. You’re the whole kit, Niece. Happy birthday from your aunt’s favorite!”

#204. “You were the best gift when you were born that I had never even thought I desired. Thank you for enriching your cute, sassy, and adorable ways with my life. Happy birthday to my magnificent niece!”

#205. “You are flooding my world with inscrutable joy and overwhelming affection. I’m so glad that I’ve got a beautiful niece like you. Can your day be full of moments that are positive and joyful?”

#206. “Niece, note at all moments that adversity will produce bravery. So, even if this year wasn’t the easiest for you, you’ve won so many as well. You have accumulated bravery, intelligence, and strength. I am so proud of how you treat yourself and of the person you are becoming.”

#207. “Are you familiar with what another birthday means? This suggests that there is another way to spend all day basking in your amazingness. Happy birthday to a great-niece of mine!”

#208. “If you ever feel bad and need a good laugh, just give me a message, and I’m going to come screaming. I’m really going to do whatever I can to make you smile and laugh, even though you just laugh at how stupid I am.”

#209. “Happy birthday to my niece, my little sweetheart! I hope your life will be just as good as you are, as well as your cupcakes!”

#210. “I get to see a little taste of what motherhood will be like every day when I am with you. It’s not going to cheat. That feels pretty good. Do you think that if I take you forever, your parents will be upset? Happy birthday to this fake daughter of mine.”

Happy Birthday Princess This Is Your Special Day

#211. “I feel so grateful to have been able to share your birthday with you. There’s no place I’d rather be than right by your side. Maybe this year you will get plenty of embraces, gifts, cake, and kisses.”

#212. “Maybe you’re the daughter of your dad, but you are my mate. Thank you for making me feel unique at all times. I hope you’re half as special on your big day as you are. Happy niece’s birthday!”

#213. “Niece, you deserve all the most wonderful things in life and all the world’s love. I wanted to let your parents cover the best stuff section this year, and I’m going to cover the love section. We’re going to start with love kisses and loving hugs.”

#214. “Your stunning features may attract the eyes of people, but it is your compassion and humility that will capture the hearts of people. They had your aunt. Happy Niece’s birthday!”

#215. “I hope you never let other individuals drag you down because you are the kind of individual who needs to fly high in life at all times. Can you still know no borders and fly as far as you would like.”

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