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97 Good Night Messages For Her, Wishes and Quotes

Good Night Messages For Her

Good Night Text Messages for Her: How big a message you want to send (whether for a short or long distance) is immaterial. Whether you are far apart for a short time or a long distance, say your sweetest goodnight to her. Nights can be very lonely, but the last person she talks to in the evening will always make her happy.

When you look through the list below, you will find the exclusive and beautiful romantic good night texts for her.

Good Night Messages For Her

1:) “She thought the cute messages on her bedroom door that say things like “Sweet dreams, my love,” “I’ll be right here waiting for you,” and “I’ll keep you in my dreams,” were fitting to give to her man at this moment.”

2:) “I kiss my sweetheart at midnight every night, but tonight I wanted to say good night to you in person because I won’t see you until tomorrow. Good night my love!”

3:) “Angels ‘whispers’ may follow you on your journey to sleep, while the echo of a hundred lullabies keeps your ears satiated. See you tomorrow, Good night my woman.”

4:) “If I was with you tonight, I would take you in my arms, and if you were mine, I would also surround you with love and cherish you. Good night my love!”

Good Night Messages Wishes and Quotes

5:) “When you find a night this beautiful, it’s a good chance to thank God for His mercies. Good night, my Sweetheart.”

6:) “As the stars still watch over the Moorlands, let the moon be there to lead you to your heart’s desire by its beautiful light. Good night my beautiful!”

7:) “And as the stars ascend the sky as you sleep, relax your thoughts and listen quietly while you do so they can suit you, close your eyes and concentrate to fit yourself. Sleep well, Good night my sweetheart!”

8:) “In the darkness of the night, the stars are a personal song for you, caressing your eyelids. See you tomorrow, Good night my sweetheart.”

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9:) “In your waking hours, I hope you have so much fun that you wonder if you’re not if you’re already asleep and if you are, and when you are, you are. Good night my love!”

10:) “Allow yourself to go with your dreams, knowing that they are good, and know as you do when you are at rest when you are in sleep that you are on your mind. Thus, tonight and every night. I pledge to keep you safe in my embrace from the corrupting influence of the universe! Good night sweet dreams!”

11:) “A target of good at birth is the equivalent to achievement in death, so your dreams can blossom freely in life and carry on into the afterlife. Good night sweet dreams!”

12:) “Expand To do so, open your heart and then close your eyes. Go out into the universe, and feel my love as far as it stretches. Good night sweetheart”

Sweet Good Night Messages for Her

13:) “You are the beautiful in my eyes, the happiness in my heart, the joy of my gathering, the glitz of my gathering, the lustre of my celebration. I mean, I love you. Sleep close, my Sweetheart!”

14:) “I visualize your beautiful eyes looking at this as you read, as your skin glows in the light of your smartphone, and your hair tresses caress your skin. I wish I could be there. Good night beautiful!”

15:) “A thousand times I have dreaded this day, but now it has come, the light of the sun will break through and we will be together again. I’m counting the days. Good night!”

16:) “A good night’s sleep to you; I will see you tomorrow, and we’ll begin where we left off then. Good night sweet love!”

17:) “It is the beauty of love tonight that brings us near to meet and tames our hearts tonight so that we may have faith in an assurance that we will see each other again. Good night beauty!”

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18:) “Our love is a powerful waterfall that cascades over the highest cliffs and fills every inch of our being. I want to experience what it feels like again, but unfortunately, we no longer have the opportunity. Good night!”

19:) “Don’t worry, the beasts will be mesmerised under your bed by your stunning beauty, and rest assured that they will be mesmerized. Good night love!”

Good Night Messages, Wishes and Quotes

20:) “We’re an open space where our dreams will go on wild trails like hikers and walkers. It means I’ve discovered my whole meaning in life. Allow your dreams to be free and wild and your fears to vanish. Try to sleep tight, Good night darling.”

21:) “When I drift my thoughts of you to felicity, I fall asleep completely. Good night sweet dreams!”

22:) “Granted, we may experience no more of this type of pleasure during a lifetime, but, a magical memory from your love is better than a life without it. May your dreams be similar to Jesus’, be your blessing. Good night sweet dreams!”

23:) “The little ladybug is tucked in its bed snugly and prepared for a long sleep, so I give you a long hug from far away hugging my dear one! See you tomorrow, Good night my lady.”

good night messages for her

24:) “Visiting you in your dreams always keeps me from falling asleep at night. As long as it takes to fall asleep would keep me from visiting you. Good night!”

25:) “I give you this sweetly as a night-after good night to ensure that you know how much I love you, Good night my darling.”

26:) “Bend your head and rest your arm tonight while thinking about how much you mean to me,” means you’ll be one step closer to waking up in my arms, next to me. Good night my love!”

27:) “I leave you with my fondest dreams that you will forever be reminded of in your dreams of how much I love you and what the future will hold. Good night sweet dreams!”

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28:) “Even if I am not in this world, do not be troubled tonight. As I was heading out of this office tonight, I was thinking how nice it would be if it was tomorrow morning when you woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start another day of productivity. Goodnights!”

29:) “Comfort needs to use these pillow words: Grasp your pillow, close your eyes, and sleep tight, Good night my beautiful girl.”

30:) “When I think about it, this is a good night for a woman because I know all of my dreams are about to come true. Good night honey!”

31:) “My most sincere hope for you is that you have a good night’s sleep and that you find sweet dreams wherever you are on your journey. Good night sweet dreams!”

32:) “I sleep tonight knowing that tonight is the last time I’ll see you, and tomorrow we will part ways forever. Good night, sweetheart!”

33:) “Take a moment to relax my dear, and rest knowing that all will be okay in the morning. Good night dear!”

34:) “When you close your eyes, your pupils dilate and they glimmer like the stars. When you shut your eyes, they look like stars. When you reopen, you appear sparkling like nebulae, like a night-time version of them. Good night my sweet love!”

35:) “Since I love you so much, I want to wish you a good night and a good morning, my darling angel.”

good night messages for her

36:) “Every night until the day I die, I will wake you up with a dream of you so that you can have good dreams and/so that you will never have to worry about being troubled by a single thought. Good night my life!”

37:) “Sweet dreams are here with you. You are a gift from the heavens above, and it feels wrong to me that you aren’t here. Good night sweet dreams!”

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38:) “I’m the luckiest guy on the surface of the earth. Whenever you’re asleep, I’m unable to fall asleep. This causes me to be constantly overjoyed. Good night love!”

39:) “Let it be gentle rain that eases your life and balmy dreams that come to me when you are resting and wakeful delights that awaken you. Good night sweet dreams!”

40:) “The beautiful woman who arrives at the ball in a thousand black satin gowns looks only slightly less charming in the light of the flicker of the many candles. Good night beautiful!”

Sweet Good Night Messages for Her

41:) “When I imagine you sleeping on the couch, I find it impossible to describe how much it overwhelms me. Good night love!”

42:) “People are happily breathing, engaged in their flying day-to-long activities, so you can feel good about becoming a little more relaxed yourself. Good night sweet dreams!”

43:) “My heart is soaring as you are my entire, like a mighty bird, and when you stretch your wings to give yourself wings to others, that ‘Sleep close, my Sweetheart!”

44:) “I have an important job to do today just for you. You’re the best thing to happen to me, so I’m going to give you an extra privilege Good night and God loves you; I hope you have a great sleep tonight.”

good night messages for her

45:) “If I were a dream catcher, I would send you to dream sprinkles that include dreams and sand in addition to everything else. I hope you have a restful sleep and a deep one. Good night sweet dreams!”

46:) “My angel, may you have a comfortable rest and beautiful dreams of you to carry with you when you wake. Good night, and good luck!”

47:) “Just like twinkling stars send their beautiful dreams down to us in the darkness of the night, may your dreams shine on your path to brighten your future. See you tomorrow, Good night sweet my woman.”

48:) “To make certain individuals in the government a bit uncomfortable, let us just get personal for a moment. My dear, until we close for the night, I want you to know how I feel. Good night my dear!”

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49:) “The fairy only needs to wave her magic wand and spread her magic, and your mind will be filled with dreams of love. Good night, my Sweetheart.”

50:) “Goodnight messages to her: Sweet dreams, sleep tight”

51:) “My morning, let you relax after a restful night’s sleep and strengthen you with this cup of coffee, my woman.”

52:) “When you sleep, let this happen in your dreams, and realize that I’m with you in your heart always. Good night, my Sweetheart”

53:) “Even if you are an angel in repose, your presence matches that of one in slumber. Even in your sleep, you seem good. You are the same as an angel, just as an angel, but for the time of repose. Good night, my Sweetheart

54:) “Now, when the darkness comes to meet us, send your child/removes all his best dreams to ensure that he has a good night’s sleep.”

55:) “Expanded quote: On nights when you’re having great dreams, or are having pleasant dreams, beautiful sights and wonderful experiences will await you in slumber. Good night my dreams!”

56:) “While the stars shine above, let your love embrace me and while you dream of me, may I be the first thing you think of in the morning.”

57:) “I say goodnight to you with a smile on my face because I believe it will make your evening a lot more lovely. To sum it up, have restful sleep and beautiful dreams.”

58:) “Wishing you a peaceful and blissful evening and sending all my love to you as you embark on your adventures in the morning.”

59:) “While the moon is illuminating space, it exposes the galaxy to shame. Good night my dreams!”

60:) “I hope that when you sleep tonight, you have beautiful dreams of us, with many years ahead of love and happiness ahead of us. Good night my dreams!”

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Romantic Good Night Messages For Her

61:) “May you enjoy a peaceful slumber and the rest of the night, and sleep on peacefully, beloved, for the love you have given me has provided me with great happiness.”

62:) “Lending my aid to you, may you lead you to a better, happier and more peaceful place as you drift off into slumber.”

63:) “Like a shooting star in the night, I hope that my darling has happy dreams and lights to greet her in the morning.”

64:) “May you have a long and relaxing night, my darling, and wake me up when it’s bright again!”

65:) “Do rest well, my little angel, and your love will be waiting for you to wake you.”

66:) “A quick, tender kiss to start your day off will give way to another long, pleasurable kiss right before you wake up the next morning.”

67:) “It’s very beautiful that I was able to score a good-looking girl like you for a wife. Until we meet again, my darling until we meet again. Sweet dreams to you, my angel”

68:) “Good Night Messages for Her That Are Romantic”

69:) “Your prince will come to you and sweep you off your feet: I’m hopeful your dreams will fulfil you. Good night my dreams!”

70:) “Godspeed. Have peace and happiness in your dreams tonight, no matter what you may encounter. Good night my sweetheart!”

71:) “I’ll kiss you on your beautiful, youthful face before I go to sleep; I want to hold you close to protect you tonight. Good night beautiful!”

72:) “It’s so peaceful and quiet without you here by your side, but I wish you a good night.”

73:) “It was a long day, and it’s time for you to sleep. Good night, my love. Even if I had to roll out of bed and get up at 6:00, it’s all worthwhile.”

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74:) “I’ll keep you to that, darling. Goodnight and sweet dreams. You have always been the one who has always been there for me.”

75:) “It’s been nice to have you! Good night my dreams!”

76:) “I will always remember you with my warmest of embraces, snuggliest of cuddles, and the most sentimental of kisses, or good night and I will always be thinking of you with my warmest cuddles, the most lovingly. Good night my lovely!”

77:) “Wish the sweetest of dreams to you forever and, may your most delicious of thoughts always come true. Good night my dreams!”

78:) “My darling, sweetest goddess: Good night and sweet dreams to you. I love you so very much. Good night!”

79:) “Every night, as I lay down beside you, I remember how much I respect your rest and hope you are having a restful night’s sleep. Good night my dreams!”

80:) “Instead of just a simple night wish, I want you to have a night filled with pleasant dreams, where you feel safe and shielded from all your worries. Good night my dear!”

Flirty Good Night Messages For Her

81:) “No matter how far apart you are, show your love to her. No matter how lonely she is at night, she is always loved by the last person she spoke to, or the night, she has the pleasure of knowing that the last word to go through with him. Good night my love!”

82:) “Good night my dreams! So that you’re the one she dreams about when she is asleep and that is when she has loved with you.”

83:) “It was great talking to you last night, but it’s even better this morning because it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. Good night my love!”

84:) “Offer her a safe journey and wish her a pleasant evening and good nights, every night.”

85:) “Good night, I love you sweetly/tenderly. May the sweetest of dreams surprise you every night come true for you whenever you are ready, until the end of time. Good night my love!”

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86:) “See your dreams fulfilled as the way you did when you made them with a loving kiss. Beautiful rest, my Princess.”

87:) “I have an inexplicable, deep connection to you because I love you as roses do to the smell of rain and I like to go down memory lane together. Try to sleep tight, Good night my darling.”

88:) “for your pillow to be cosy, and your bedding to keep you toasty, and your heart full of the goodness that I have for you. Good night, my Sweetheart.”

89:) “Counting the stars, counting sheep, and expecting love are the three most accurate methods for assessing how much time has passed. Good night my love!”

90:) “Lying down for a while after an exciting yet satisfying day and sleeping off sweet dreams for a well-deserved rest is a way to return to calm and comfort. Good night sweet dreams!”

91:) “The gentle, enveloping velvety embrace of the velvet night can help you to relax as you drift off to sleep. Good night my love!”

92:) “Tomorrow is a blank sheet of paper, a brand-new beginning, a clean slate, a fresh start. I give you all my love so that you can have a good night’s rest, my friend.”

93:) “If I have confidence, I live for the day when my dream comes true, and I wake up to find that it has come true. May your sweet dreams always be with you! Good night!”

94:) “Wear sunglasses to bed to avoid disrupting her beautiful sleep-good night messages for her”

95:) “A beautiful giving of one’s self to sleep, a time of rest, an opportunity to recharge one’s soul Go ahead. Have your fill. Good night!”

96:) “Have a nice peaceful night. If you sleep well tonight, I’m hopeful that tomorrow will be the first day of your life that has brightened your face! Good night my friend!”

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