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34 Famous Quotes on Worry to Inspire Be Yourself

Famous quotes on worry to inspire be yourself
We just like to share 34 of these most motivational, encouraging, and worry quotes from the last few thousand years. May these worrying quotes empower you to think about fulfilling your dreams.

Famous quotes on worry to inspire be yourself

1. “Don’t worry about everything and really enjoy the moment.” — Aimee Teegarden

2. “There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.” – Harold Stephen

worry quotes from the bible anxiety quotes

3. “I do worry about the fact that science is becoming a slower process as society is becoming less patient.” — Alan Guth

4. “No NYCHA resident should have to worry about the walk home at night through their neighborhood after they finish work. Yet for some NYCHA residents, worrying is a part of daily life.” — Letitia James

5. “You just make the right baseball decision. You don’t necessarily worry about somebody’s feelings or anything like that. You make the right baseball decision for the team first and then for the player’s development as importantly.” — Theo Epstein

6. “There are two things that matter when you’re making music. First, that you’re doing what you love, even if it’s crazy and other people tell you it’s crazy. The second thing is the only people you really need to worry about are the people who love your music, not the people who speak badly about it.” — Brian Fallon

7. “Confidence comes in going on personal journeys in a public arena and feeling as though you have a right to do that. You have to give yourself permission to discover what you need to discover and not worry about how pretty the journey is. If you’re aware of the pretty, you’re not going to dig into the mess.” — George C. Wolfe

Motivational WORRY quotes about worrying and sayings

8. “I worry that every time I lay down my credit card of choice, it says something about me. About my social standing or how I see myself. The very colour of your card is an indication of where you stand in the wealth stakes.” — Sandi Toksvig

9. “There’s this pressure to perform in your twenties – I think it comes from this whole generational foreshadowing that presumes there will be a whole other layer of things to worry about in your thirties.” — Caroline Ghosn

10. “I do worry that as we try to fix this long-term debt and deficit situation that we don’t destroy the market incentives for biomedical research. What I fear is the government using its considerable clout to say, ‘Here’s the price we’re setting for your medicines.’” — Kenneth Frazier

Greatest quotes on worry and worrying sayings

11. “I don’t try to worry about sounding like anybody because I know I have my own tone, my own sound. It’s just about being honest in a song and trying to relate myself or how to basically break it down as simple as possible for someone to try to understand it. Not being too deep, not being too shallow at the same time.” — Ro James

Greatest worry quotes on life and worrying sayings

12. “I wanted to express myself. I wanted to be creative and I didn’t want to worry about someone bossing me around in the process. You have to struggle no matter where you are to get to where you’re going, so I’m like, working it honey!” — Michelle Rodriguez

13. “You live till you die, and that’s the end of it. What good is your legacy when you are dead? I worry about being alive, selling work, having fun, moving and doing things when I am alive.” — James Rosenquist

14. “Worry makes you sick. Worry less, live as long as you like.” — Bikram Choudhury

15. “I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated, but I can’t worry about what everyone’s going to think.” — Victoria Principal

16. “I don’t believe anyone should ignore all the fires around you and stand pat and not worry about getting singed.” — Rick Santelli

17. “I would always worry that I was only going to play the girl next door or the cute girlfriend. But I’ve been really lucky that all my roles have been very intense and completely different kinds of characters.” — Sydney Sweeney

18. “I can’t really worry about nuclear war any more than I can worry about the aliens coming.” — Kamasi Washington

19. “I suppose all writers worry about the well running dry.” — Richard Russo

20. “I don’t worry about the things I can’t change.” — Ferran Adria

Inspiring quotes about worry that change your life

21. “I just try and decide what I’m interested in and what excites me. I don’t worry about how it’s going to be perceived.” — Yorgos Lanthimos

22. “I think the only time that I worry about looking good is on the red carpet.” — Camila Alves

23. “I never really look at other people; I just worry about myself.” — Bayley

24. “By the time I’m wrinkly and old, I’ll have kids and grandkids that I’m watching grow up. I’ll be proud of what I’ve achieved in my life, and I’m not going to worry about my looks so much.” — Cher Lloyd

25. “For sheer excitement, a weekend in New York is unbeatable. Arrive on Friday morning, leave on Monday night, and don’t worry about jet lag – just buzz for four days.” — Tim Pigott-Smith

26. “Don’t be scared of ‘said.’ Writers sometimes go looking for alternatives because they worry that ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ will feel repetitive if they’re used all the time, but I swear, they won’t.” — Tana French

27. “My kids are all pretty big and tough and strong, and I don’t worry about them being bullied – the reverse, be kind to people and don’t ever be a bully yourself, and I think they’ve followed that.” — Alan Thicke

28. “I think hacking’s important. Most Americans should worry about it no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.” — Rick Santelli

29. “To say, ‘I don’t worry about perception,’ you better worry about perception because it’s a big part of making it through some very difficult times.” — Troy Aikman

30. “I decided a long time ago to be myself and not worry too much about cultivating some kind of personality that didn’t feel natural or true to who I am.” — Lynn Coady

Motivational worry quotes about worrying and sayings

31. “You worry about whether you are match-fit, coming back to the stand-up stage.” — Deirdre O’Kane

32. “Whatever art form you’re working in, it’s crucial to see it clearly, to feel it clearly, and not to worry about the results, or how someone else will see it.” — Omar Epps

33. “I’ve huge responsibilities in this job. The biggest is to keep everyone safe. Like many others, I’ve seen the effects of crime close up, and I worry about my kids.” — Sajid Javid

34. “The good thing about being pregnant is that I don’t have to worry about sucking it in or dieting!” — Busy Philipps

35. “When I’m playing well because of my serve and trying to keep points shorter, I don’t need to worry about my opponent. All I need to do is focus on myself and have them adjust to me rather than me adjust to them. That’s when I play my best tennis.” — Milos Raonic

36. “I worried that people wouldn’t like me. Now I try not to worry and focus on being happy.” — Lea Michele

37. “Other teams fear me so much, just my being out there. I could even be playing on my deathbed, and I’d worry them.” — Reggie Miller

38. “I think communication should be fun and that we should all worry less about how we say things and more about what we say.” — Sandi Toksvig

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