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Graduation Messages

College Graduation Messages to Son: What to Write in a Graduation Card

College Graduation Messages to Son What to Write in a Graduation Card

College Graduation Messages to Son: Share these graduation wishes in a card for your high school or college graduate and they’ll feel super special. Plus, funny and sweet quotes for all students! Not sure what to write in a graduation card? Offer your congratulations with these happy graduation wishes, ranging from inspirational to funny to sweet. Send some college graduation messages from parents to show your son how much you love him.  Celebrate your son’s college graduation with these Congratulations messages.

College Graduation Messages to Son

Congratulations on your Graduation! It is time to go forth into the world and pursue all your dreams; this is a milestone in your life, and on this very important occasion, I wish you the very best of all that the world has to offer.

Today will soon be a memory, so be present and relish every second of it. Caps off to you, graduate!

Everyone can see how brilliant you are. All I can see is how important you are to me. Thanks for making me a proud parent. Enjoy your graduation day.

Live the best of your life. Aim highly, and beat people’s imaginations. I’m always here to cheer you on. Happy graduation, baby boy.

We’re proud of your accomplishments and the person that you’ve become. Congratulations.

Close your eyes. Imagine the most beautiful place on earth where you can be. You’ll be there if you believe. Congratulations on your successful graduation.


Congratulations son! You have made us proud. Now go and live an impactful life!

Don’t ever entertain doubts on your abilities. God is always by your side. Happy graduation day.

Whatever you fix your mind on, you can achieve it. It’s only a matter of time and commitment. Today tells us so. Happy graduation, my angel.

Life is not easy for anyone. Sometimes you don’t see the challenges on the outside, but every single one of us has both those and everything that goes on inside as well. Give it your all. Dare to be all you can be. Hillary Clinton

Dear son, congratulations for your college graduation. I am much proud of your success and look forward to celebrating with you in the evening.

Lovely son, sending heartfelt wishes for your college graduation. I wish you all the luck for your future and hope you will achieve more success in every step.

Don’t ever relent. I know you’re made to achieve greatness. Today has shown that there’s a prize for hard work. Happy graduation.

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As your father, I am very proud of you. You did it, my son. Congratulations on your graduation!

With love and pride today and always. Congratulations on your graduation, my love!

You DID IT! CONGRATS! We are always so proud of you, and today is no exception, Graduate. I wish you all the best; your grandparents love you so much!

It is a wonder how you’ve grown from the baby who wailed in my arms to the man I’m beholding. It’s really a wonder. Happy graduation, son.

Dearest son, heartiest wishes for your college graduation success. I send you beautiful gifts of your choice to celebrate your success.

Notes for Son

“We are beyond proud; you are the smartest son in the whole world. Congratulations on graduating. Let us say the happiest toast to your success and graduation. Super proud of you, son. May you be successful in your practical life as well. Happy graduation! Love you tons. Your graduation is a dream come true for us as your parents. Congratulations son, we love you so much.

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