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Birthday Wishes for Aunt: Having your aunt as a maternal figure is like having a second mother. Today is her birthday, and you’re not sure how to express your love for her. Using desires that are also acceptable to your mum is the secret here. If you’re stumped for birthday greetings for Aunty, here are a few alternatives. My aunts are like chocolate. You can go on living without them, but would you really? On your aunt’s birthday, it might be difficult to come up with a birthday greeting that truly represents your thoughts and feelings. Because there are so many varieties of aunts, there are various ways to say “happy birthday.”

Whether they’re cool, friendly, or just plain mean, aunts come in many shapes and sizes. When it comes to expressing your love and admiration for one of the most significant women in your life, here are some ideas to get you started. The following collection of birthday wishes ranges from the sentimental to the traditional, so you’re sure to find something that suits the recipient’s personality.

1. Many people are there for you in your happiest times, but thank you for always being there in my most difficult. I know I can always turn to you for advice. Happy birthday auntie!

birthday wishes for aunt from niece and happy birthday messages with brthday images

2. Life will turn upside down, stars will change their positions, the sun will stop shining one day, but your unconditional love for me will never fade away. Thanks aunty for loving me like your own child. Happy birthday my lovely aunty!

3. To the woman who gave me the coolest cousin ever: Happy birthday aunty! Also, you’re pretty cool yourself.

4. You’re another year older. One more year closer to being a crazy cat lady. Wait, how many cats do you have now? I think you may be there already. Oh well, I still love you tons. Happy birthday aunt!

5. Happy birthday! I’d say you’ve been like a mom to me, but that would be a lie. You don’t nag, so you’re even better!

Happy Birthday Auntie

6. To my absolute favorite aunt: Happy birthday! I could never find another person as lovely and rare as you, and I wouldn’t want to.

7. Only a few blessed individuals like me have the privilege to celebrate the birthday of the most serene and lovely aunt like you. Happy birthday to my special aunt!

8. Even though you’re not my mom you’ve always been a guiding hand. Thanks for always being there when I needed you most.

heart touching birthday wishes for aunt and happy birthday aunty quotes about bday images

9. I’m sending you lots of imaginary hugs for your birthday, but just know I wish I was there to hug you in person. You bring me such comfort and joy in my life.

10. Happy birthday to the woman who taught me how to cook better than my mom. No need to tell her though. What are aunts for, if not for keeping secrets?

11. I always pray and wish that the day would definitely would come when you pay our restaurant bill! Till now happy birthday to you aunt!

12. My cups runneth over. My heart overflows with joy. I want to appreciate you for all the love you have bestowed on me throughout the years. Happy birthday.

13. You have everything in life a normal person covets for and works to achieve all his life. You truly are the epitome of selflessness and spiritualism. Happy birthday auntie!

14. You are sweeter than the sweetest sweet, lovelier than a little baby, softer than talc, and more authentic than anyone. Very happy birthday to my all-in-one aunt!

15. Never betray the love of a woman because when she loves; she loves with all her heart. I love you with all my heart aunt. Wish you happy birthday aunt!

16. Dear aunt, we are so grateful you have joined our family. It’s like getting a second mother. Also, kudos for marrying my uncle. You deserve an award!

17. Whenever I hear you are coming to live in our house for some day, I make arrangement for a year at my friend’s house! Happy birthday my dearest aunt! I like you, you don’t know!

18. Dear aunt, you are an important pillar in my life’s structure. You are the only one strong enough to bear numerous burdens, yet flexible enough always to let me have some fun. Have a wonderful birthday.

19. Thank you for always being you: the originator of cool. I looked up to you so much in childhood, and I look up to you even more in adulthood.

aunty birthday wishes
aunty birthday wishes

20. On numerous occasions, you have always been the one to save the day. Thank you for being comforting, awe-inspiring, and a confidant—happy birthday, dear aunt, more blessings for you this year.

21. May this world become of women only and may they only reign. So many hugs to you and happiest birthday to loveliest aunt!

22. When I was little I thought you knew the answer to everything. As an adult, now I know you are a pro with Google. Thanks for always searching for my answers.

23. I have so many incredible women in my life, and you are definitely one of them. Thank you for enriching my life with your presence. I hope you have a truly spectacular birthday!

24. To the woman who has everything: just know you are my everything. I am so grateful to have you in my life, and I hope your birthday is just as phenomenal as you are.

25. Whoohoo your birthday is here! It’s a great excuse for pedicures, shopping, and wine.

26. When you’re feeling down and need someone to bring laughter in your life just call me. I’ll always be there to cheer you up. Happy birthday aunt!

27. You are always the highlight of every family gathering, they just wouldn’t be the same without you!

birthday aunty wishes
birthday aunty wishes

28. Women always have choice aunt. This choice must never be snatched from them. You have all the rights to say No when you don’t want something. Happy birthday my dear aunt!

29. Out of all the lovely women in my ordinary life, you are indeed the most special one. Your mesmerizing love and enchanting voice can make anyone fall in love with you. Happy birthday to the sweetest aunt!

30. The only right and fabulous skill in you aunt, that you wash utensils very cleanly! I like it! Happy birthday!

31. There have been a million moments in my life where you have enriched my life with love.

32. Today we celebrate the life of a very wonderful person. Have fun, and give us more of your love. Happy birthday, aunt.

33. Happy birthday to the most amazing aunt in the world! I don’t need the Avengers because you are my superhero!

34. Dear Aunt, you know those motivational posters they put up in school? I saw one today for how to be awesome, and it just had your face on it with the word boss underneath. Just wanted to make sure that you were aware they were using your likeness. Love, your precious niece.

35. I hope your birthday is filled with sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies. Also, that you get that thing you’ve always wanted: a unicorn.

36. Hey aunt, you are perhaps the only woman I know who is aging so gracefully, acquiring the ridiculous amount of knowledge, and helping the needy ones to your heart’s content. Happy birthday to the perfect role model for women, happy birthday auntie!

birthday wishes for a close aunt
birthday wishes for a close aunt

37. I just wanted to let you know that I am so blessed to have such an amazing aunt in my life. You’ve enriched my life and have been a pillar of strength when I needed it most.

38. When I need the guidance of a mom, the love of a sister, or the support of a friend you are always there for me. You mean so much to me, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you far more than I ever tell you. Have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love!

39. Surely, you have grown old physically but your heart is as young as of a 5 years old little runt. Happy birthday my marvelous and forever young aunt!

40. Dear Aunty, may your birthday be as special and beautiful as you are. Happy birthday.

41. You are the life of the party to everyone who knows you. You have that irresistible sparkle that just pulls people in. I am so fortunate to have you as a presence in my life.

42. Unquestionably, you are the hottest aunt in the town. Your hotness in mid-forties can give any teen girl a run for her money. Happy birthday to my forever young auntie!

43. Sending warm thoughts and prayers to you on your birthday. I wish I could send chocolates, but alas I already ate them. Happy birthday Aunt!

44. You are so hilarious, I can never keep a straight face when you tell jokes and stories! Here’s wishing a wonderful birthday to my aunt who brings so much laughter into the world.

birthday wishes for an aunt from nephew
birthday wishes for an aunt from nephew

45. Most aunts probably say they want flowers, hugs, and kisses, but I know what you really want. A special birthday message from your favorite person!

46. Unlike others, I never take you for granted because time slips so swiftly every single second. As long as I am with you, I will love you every moment. Happy birthday to my best companion!

47. You’re the kind of woman who doesn’t just say nice things, but does nice things. Thanks for leading by example. If I turn out half as great as you I’ll consider it a life well lived.

48. I can vaguely remember those days when my mother used to go on work and only you were there to take care of me. Your value in my life is more than my own mother. Happy birthday to the most special aunt ever!

49. For all the times when I needed a second mom you were always there for me. I hope one day to be half the person you are. I also hope you get showered with sweets and presents on your special day and not just honeyed words.

50. Go Go Power Auntie! Happy birthday from your favorite nephew.

51. If I am not wrong auntie, you were the one who puked on my father after getting drunk like a skunk on your last birthday. You are way crazier than any teen girl. Happy birthday to the coolest aunt!

52. So many of my memories wouldn’t be nearly as special if you weren’t in them. Thanks for always leaving a lasting impression. And I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

birthday wishes for an aunt from niece
birthday wishes for an aunt from niece

53. You must have the strength to walk alone. Dependence is not choice for women. Independence is liberation. All the love to you aunt. Happy birthday!

54. A friendship like ours is hard to find. It’s not often you find someone as astounding as you.

55. Batman had Robin, and I have you. Some people call them sidekicks; I call them aunts.

56. I am quite lucky to have a wonderful aunt like you. May all your birthday wishes come true. Happy birthday.

57. Though women are always divine but they are more divine when they become mother. Gallons of love and respect to you aunt. Happy birthday!

58. Like some relations are bigger than the blood relations, your role in aggrandizing my life is way bigger than my own family. Thanks a lot aunty for giving big wings to my dreams. Happy birthday, I love you!

59. May God continue to bless you with great health, wealth, and the other blissfulness of life. Have a wonderful birthday celebration aunty!

60. When I need a mom and a bestie all rolled into one, I always look to my aunt.

61. In my eyes, you are and you will always be a great superstar. Because you are the only who dared to chase the dreams regardless of what others think about you. Have a glorious birthday celebration auntie!

birthday wishes for an aunt images
birthday wishes for an aunt images

62. Thanks so much for all the birthday cookies you’ve baked for me. They’re not half as sweet as you. I hope you have many more years of receiving birthday love. Also, I hope there’s many more years of you baking me cookies!

63. Dear aunt, you may be a little bit crazy, but you’re my kind of crazy.

64. Dear Aunt, if life was a game of Mario Kart you would be my blue shell. Thanks for bringing excitement and adventure to my life. Happy birthday!

65. I really wanted to send you puppies for your birthday Auntie, but I figured you already have my love so what could possibly be cuter or better?

66. Hooray it’s your birthday! I wish I could make today a national holiday for you, but you will just have to settle for getting a lot of chocolate!

67. When I was a child you were comforting. When I was a teen you were protective. As I have become an adult you are supportive. Thanks for being there for every stage of my life.

68. To the coolest, hippest, and craziest aunt: Happy birthday! It’s not easy to make it look as easy and good as you do.

69. I have yet to find an adult-like you who understands my generation so well and so much. Happiest birthday to the coolest aunt prevailing on this planet.

70. Dear cute Auntie, may God never stop throwing his divine light and blessings on you. Happy birthday and I love you so much!

Birthday Wishes for Aunt

71. You are my role model in so many ways. I know you already have everything you could possibly want in life, but I am sending you my affections anyway. Happy birthday Aunt!

72. For me, you are like fresh waves of the ocean that are also wild and reckless. Your spontaneity intrigues me like nothing else. Wishing you a soothing happy birthday auntie!

73. Today is your birthday, and I just want you to know how lucky I am to have you as my aunt. I wish you many happy returns, and I love you with all my heart.

74. Women must never compromise. And all the compromises that she has made must be respected and remembered and celebrated for her their devotion for everything. All the love to you aunt, happy birthday!

75. To my grandmother’s coolest daughter: Happy birthday to my aunt! I hope your upcoming year is filled with good fortune and great opportunities.

birthday wishes for aunt and uncle
birthday wishes for aunt and uncle

76. You are a pouch coffee aunt that looks costly but nothing in taste! Don’t mind aunt! I wish you happy birthday from truest of my heart!

77. Happy birthday aunt! It’s hard to pick just one positive thing about you, because you are overflowing with positivity. You are a bright spot in my life, and I really appreciate how wonderful you are.

78. You must remove this word ‘can’t’ from your life and then your whole life gonna be blissful. Wishing you happy birthday auntie!

79. Thank you for being a friend to me. You’ve always been there when I needed you. I want to travel endless roads with you, and I hope your birthday is filled with love, laughter, and endless fun.

80. You are the Yoda to my Luke auntie.

81. My beautiful aunt, may you have the most remarkable birthday celebration of all time. I wish you stay every young and cheerful. I wish an incredible birthday to the most special auntie!

82. Happy birthday to the aunt who never says give up until she gets what she wants. I always look up to you when I need motivation the most.

83. Dear aunt, of the numerous ladies I have met on this earth, you clearly stand out in your wonderful qualities. I wish you a happy birthday and want you to keep on shining.

84. Thanks for feeding me throughout all of college. Just know that you are the best aunt ever. My stomach thanks you as well. Think of me when you are having that birthday cake later. If you need help I am so there for you!

85. The way you wrap your sari aunt, it looks like a cream roll has been wrapped. You seem like a brown potato! Don’t mind it! We know it is your birthday yet you are aunty. That much for you!

birthday wishes for aunty happy birthday auntie
birthday wishes for aunty happy birthday auntie

86. Happy birthday to one of the strongest women in my life. I just want you to know that you are charming, brilliant, and utterly unforgettable. Let’s celebrate another year of being blessed with your presence.

87. Hey aunt, do you know my daily dose of happiness? One cup of piping hot coffee and your dazzling smile. Happy birthday to the most terrific aunty!

88. I know words can never express how much you mean to me, but I hope to spend the rest of my life trying. You mean so much to me, and I know I don’t express it nearly enough. Have a wonderful birthday Aunt!

89. The clock is ticking, the years go by, but you still look as beautiful as you did twenty years ago. Happy birthday dear aunt.

90. There are so many wonderful aunts in my life. But there is only one wonderfully crazy and funny existing on God’s green earth. Happy birthday my lovey-dovey auntie!

91. Look at you; you still look amazing. You still retain your illuminating smile amidst all the things you have gone through. You deserve the best life has to offer. Happy birthday dear aunt.

92. My adorable auntie, may your special day be packed with everything you want to see all at once in life. Happy birthday to my cutie pie aunt!

93. Thanks for always keeping me in line when I really wanted to stray. You are a main part of the reason I am who I am today. I have nothing but genuine respect and love for you Auntie.

94. Society has always been unfair to women. A woman with stubborn will can only change it. Wishing you all the love and happy birthday to you aunt!

happy birthday aunt i love you
happy birthday aunt i love you

95. You are like an inexhaustible source of positive energy that only functions to transform as many lives as you can. I am a huge fan of your philosophy and the way of living. Happy birthday to my nearest and the dearest aunt!

96. Not many aunts have a nephew like me. You’re welcome. And happy birthday!

97. Dear aunt, thanks for always telling me embarrassing stories about my parents. Feel free to write me a novel one day. Here’s to many more years of your amazing wit.

98. Happy birthday to the woman who always celebrates in style: My amazing aunt! Thanks for always buying me that dress that mom never would. Just know that you inspire me every day.

99. You’re not just an aunt to me. You’re an icon. I want to get a giant poster with your picture on it and put it on my wall for inspiration.

100. Thank you for being my rock when I needed it most. I can never say enough how much I love you, but I’ll at least try on your special day.

101. You are my mother’s sister and it is the tragedy. I though you are some improvement but you are very low than your sister! Happy birthday aunt!

102. You are getting more and more beautiful every year. How do you do it? Just like fine wine you are getting better with age. Thanks for showing me how it’s done!

happy birthday aunt joy
happy birthday aunt joy

103. For all the years you’ve given me love, strength, and support I truly do not have the words to express my gratitude. This message may be small, but it carries the strength of my feelings for you. Know that you are truly appreciated.

104. May your happy birthday celebration turns out to be as magnificent as you are. I wish a cheerful birthday to the most charming aunt in the world!

105. Happy birthday to the aunt who gave me everything my parents didn’t want me to have. I really appreciate it.

106. It’s important to laugh while you can, and smile while you still have teeth. Happy birthday to the aunt that never changes. I love you!

107. They say with age comes wisdom, but really they mean with age comes the cajones to tell it like it is. You’ve always been a straight shooter and a source of guidance in my life. I’m looking forward to many more years filled with all the wisdom you can share.

108. You must not wear high heels sandals. They are for girls, not for aunties! Wish you happy birthday my dear old aunt!

109. Thanks for always being a rule breaker. You showed me how to live life to the fullest and to dream bigger dreams.

110. When I am with you I have never felt the age gap between us. You’ve always been more of a friend than an aunt. Thanks so much for always being there for me. Here’s to many more years where I can be there for you too.

111. You are talkative. You eat a lot. You dress like a deer. And yet you say we appreciate you! You have all the virtues in you! Happy birthday aunt! I don’t want any other aunt!

112. Today is your 40th birthday. And I wish May your youth come again which is impossible! Happy birthday aunt! Please give me that piece of cake!

happy birthday auntie i love you
happy birthday auntie i love you

113. Dear Aunt, I want you to know that I cherish all the life lessons you imparted on me. I won’t be where I am without your loving guidance. I wish you a very happy birthday and multiple years of happiness.

114. Happiest birthday to the most adorable and caring aunt in the world. You are no less than a mother for me, and you are an indispensable party of our family. God bless you!

115. Just so you know you are my absolute favorite aunt. I know you’re my only one, but still that just makes you extra special. I hope your birthday is just as amazing as you are.

116. I certainly am the luckiest dude on the planet as I got the immense love of two motherly figures. One is of my mother and another is of my groovy aunty. Have an outrageously happy and fun-filled birthday celebration!

117. I don’t know why but when it comes to doing something adventurous, I always see you standing first in the queue. Happy birthday to my swash-buckling auntie!

118. I have more admiration and regards for you than my own parents. You surely know how to live life in the fullest way and also have great respect for everyone. Happy birthday to the most humble and elegant woman I know!

119. After looking at you meticulously, no one would believe you are the aunt of so many feral and mushy nephews and nieces. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous auntie of all time!

120. Life is an amazing ride, and I’m grateful to have you here with me the whole time. Thank you so much, and may you have everything you desire on your special day.

121. You’ve always made me feel like I can do anything and that my future will shine brightly. Thanks for being so positive, and always being such a strong foundation in my life.

122. You are one of the most charming, supportive, and unforgettable women I know. I hope you always stay that way, because you are irreplaceable.

123. When a nephew like me have an amazing aunt like you, life seems so seamless and gripping. Aunty, you take great care of my tiniest of needs and wants. Thank you so much for doing that much for me. Happy birthday auntie!

124. Happy birthday, aunt. You brighten every room you enter with the light from the depths of your heart. I am so lucky to have you as my aunt. Happy birthday.

125. Whatever paste you use aunt, your teeth always look like melted with yellow curry! I hate them but I love you and on your birthday I gift you a toothbrush. It would help! Happy birthday!

happy birthday auntie we love you
happy birthday auntie we love you

126. You are the kindest, bravest, and the freest soul I have ever seen. You seem like God’s own angel. Happy birthday to the most serene auntie!

127. Some things are meant to be together: peanut butter and jelly, cops and donuts, birthdays and cake. But most important is me and you!

128. The love of you is so sweet aunt that it has increased my dental cost! And we have to say happy birthday to you! The great celebration has begun!

129. On this special day, I wish you to recover the lost opportunities of years past and discover the waiting opportunities of the future. Happy birthday, aunt.

130. Dear Aunt, you have added another year to your life. This means you have become bigger, wiser, and stronger. This is to wish you more wonderful years ahead. Stay blessed.

131. I love you aunt only surfacially to show that I love you but in my heart you are nothing! Just nothing! And yes give my thirty dollar back! Happy birthday!

132. Happy birthday to a fabulous aunt. Thanks for teaching me how to become the lipstick hoarder I am today. I know you will absolutely own it on your most important day.birthday, birthday wishes, birthday images

Happy Birthday Images and Quotes for Aunty

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happy birthday aunty mom
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